THE WORLD IN 2100 We will all be Nigerians
There is Africa in our past.

tutti WE WILL ALL BE NIGERIANS Romano Pisciotti

A hundred thousand years ago, humanity started from the highlands of the black continent to colonize the world… And there is Africa in our future.
Within this century, the bulk of the men and women who inhabit the planet will be native to Africa.

modello WE WILL ALL BE NIGERIANS Romano Pisciotti

An extraterrestrial who, in 2100, did a hit-and-run visit to our planet and would describe us briefly would report that, for the most part, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren have black skin and frizzy hair. At least four out of ten people who would meet would be African. Much more than Chinese and Indian. And the Europeans? Well, the extraterrestrial should have luck to find them. Virtually invisible, a small minority: one in ten.
The population of the Earth is growing, in fact, a bit slower than in recent decades, but will continue to grow, especially in Africa.

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Lagos, Kinshasa, Addis Ababa, Dar es Salaam These are the metropolises-boom of the next decades.
The countries destined to a faster population growth are: Nigeria, Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Niger.

Fulani WE WILL ALL BE NIGERIANS Romano Pisciotti

The Africa that it has today, scattered among savannahs, deserted forests, little more than a billion inhabitants, will have, predicts the United Nations, more than double (2.4 billion) in 2050 and four times as much (4.2 billion) at the end of the century. More than China and India combined.

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