A system is in operation in Italy that detects the total mass of each industrial vehicle in transit and warns in case of weight exceeding the maximum allowed value. This is how Overload Tutor was created, installed in five locations on the national network.


The new system carries out the weighing of industrial vehicles running at any speed, using portals similar to those of the speed tutor. The apparatus – created in collaboration with the Traffic Police – is placed ten kilometers before the apron where a Polstrada patrol operates, equipped with a static overload detection device, as required by current legislation. the Overload Tutor reports to the patrol vehicles that are overloaded, which are then stopped, checked and eventually fined. In this way, it is possible to carry out selective and no longer random checks, also avoiding unnecessary stops for vehicles in order.
The system operates through sensors embedded in the road surface, which for each passing vehicle identify the class, the number of axles, speed and weight, and cameras placed on a portal, which record the number plate. The system sends to the Traffic Police – via a cellular connection on a portable terminal – the image of the overweight detected vehicle, with the date and time of transit and estimated time of arrival. Autostrade per l’Italia has already installed five Overload Tutor workstations along the busiest sections of its network’s trucks.

Presented by Romano Pisciotti

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