Although primarily known for being a country rich in wine production, Italy produces a significant amount of tasty beer too. Italian beer is going through a change as brewers are struck with the craft beer bug, utilising new hops and reinvigorating old styles.

Beer House Club

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Florence is generally hailed as the beer capital of Italy, and the Beer House Club is a fun and quirky place to grab a delicious craft brew, including delightful IPAs and rich stouts. Engage the friendly staff to find out about the beer you’re drinking; they can talk at length about the flavor and quality and also suggest new ones to try here.



ETNA Sicily ITALIAN BEER Romano Pisciotti

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The passion and the desire to create something exclusive have led Delfio Faraci and Leo Biasi, both entrepreneurs and lovers of the beer world in various capacities, to create a unique project, connected to the territory, Sicily and its volcano. The company that stands at the foot of Etna, in places where man has been defying rebellious nature for thousands of years, is an artisan reality that works with passion and energy on every product. Etna Brewery is an enterprise in which the love for good drinking and attachment to the territory merge with each other and turn into unique and excellent beers, capable of transmitting the same emotions with each sip as those with generosity and dedication produced them.

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