Immigration policy – comment by Romano Pisciotti

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Gli Stati Uniti discutono le nuove leggi sull’immigrazione

The United States discuss the new immigration rules


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‘Female Viagra’ approved by US drug agency – comment by Romano Pisciotti

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a libido-enhancing drug for women that has been dubbed “female Viagra”.

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Flibanserin, a drug produced by Sprout Pharmaceuticals, recently passed an FDA advisory committee meeting.
The pill is designed to assist premenopausal women regain their sex drive by boosting levels of certain brain chemicals.
The drug has been criticised as having marginal effects.

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“Si contorni di persone che vogliono lavorare” – Romano Pisciotti

Schermata 2015 08 19 alle 01.52.18 300x53 Si contorni di persone che vogliono lavorare   Romano Pisciotti Romano Pisciotti
La Spezia – “Voglio dire una cosa a Gabriele Volpi. So che non ci sentiremo più probabilmente perché ha molti impegni, quindi lo faccio attraverso CDS. Si contorni di persone che vogliono lavorare nello Spezia perché lo amano, e non per mero opportunismo”.

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We are on a time bomb: recent satellite photos

Vesuvio We are on a time bomb: recent satellite photos Romano Pisciotti

The volcanologist Giuseppe Mastrolorenzo, one of the greatest scholars of Vesuvius and its activity, has warned more than once: “We are on a time bomb that will not leave a chance.” But why exactly Vesuvius and the possibility of its next eruption is a mortal danger to the people living on its slopes? We ‘just a risk to a natural event, or we have made things worse?
And then, on the one hand there is the Vesuvius, on the other hand there are the Campi Flegrei. The area potentially closer to an eruption is incredibly lacking a contingency plan and evacuation.
But what would happen in Naples in case of eruption of Vesuvius? What would be the effects on people and things?
Among widespread illegal, dangerous roads and streets under sequestration, evacuate the villages of the “red zone” would be a mission in some cases impossible.

1439911883856.jpg scienze  la foto dal satellite dei campi flegrei  l impressionante lago di magma appena sotto la superficie 300x169 We are on a time bomb: recent satellite photos Romano PisciottiRecent satellite photos

A photo impressive, disturbing. What you see is the deformation of magma beneath the Campi Flegrei and the area of Pozzuoli, in Campania, view from the satellites. At a depth of only 3 kilometers there is created a real lake of 2-3 km in radius, with the earth raised approximately 10 cm in the last 3 years. All this because the magma is pushing to rise to the surface. Not surprisingly, in 10 years the land has risen by 30 cm and the Civil Protection raised its alert level on the area from green to yellow (caution). The blue color in the coastal area of Pozzuoli indicates the maximum proximity of magma to the surface.

Vulcani Italiani We are on a time bomb: recent satellite photos Romano Pisciotti
Italian volcanoes

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Why are people enthusiastic about iPhone?

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“The brand name they have made. Apple products are next to perfection. Or rather they were. The way they have engineered their products is what makes it special
Be it the body antenna introduced in the iPhone 4s. The magnetic charger. The fan design to reduce noise. They thought about everything. They make a product even you Granny can use.
I say that Steve has become successful today, because even after his demise. The Apple still dazzles people. Owning Apple is nothing but a status symbol. That’s the jist”


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iphone 7

Game theory – Europe


Thinking about this situation in terms of game theory isn’t terribly illuminating. The academic discipline that goes by the name is a branch of mathematics founded in the interwar years by the brilliant polymath John von Neumann, who was also involved at Los Alamos in the construction of the first atomic bomb. According to Neumann’s theory, human beings make rational choices aiming to achieve results that are best for each of them. Applied in the context of the post-war nuclear stand-off, the theory produced “mutually assured destruction” – the balance of terror that has prevented full-scale war between nuclear-armed states. It has also been applied widely in economics and business management, and with some success.
The trouble with game theory is that it assumes human action is essentially strategic or instrumental in nature – in other words, that humans act in order to achieve some definite result or pay-off. In many situations this model fits reasonably well. It can be useful in thinking about how to get a pay rise, or bargain for a lower price when buying something you want. Politicians often apply game-theoretic strategies in their dealings with opponents, by presenting them with policy options that reveal their vulnerabilities, for example. Game theory can also be useful in military situations – not only nuclear stand-offs, but also in identifying targets of terrorist activity and computing the optimal paths of missiles.

applications 300x232 Game theory   Europe Romano Pisciotti
Europe and USA compare Games and strategies

But not all of human behaviour fits a model of strategic reasoning. We humans don’t act only in order to bring about results. We also act to express ourselves, to show the kind of human being we are or want to be. Behaviour of this expressive kind can be admirable and noble. It would be difficult to come up with compelling strategic reasons for Winston Churchill’s decision to lead Britain in fighting on against Nazism in May 1940. Churchill may have thought that Britain would be better off being defeated, even in strategic terms, than it would be if it reached some sort of compromise with Germany, since there was little reason to believe that Hitler would keep to the terms of any deal. But the real reason for Churchill’s decision was a conception of civilisation that precluded a shameful peace with the worst sort of barbarism. Fighting on was better, even if the consequence could be known in advance to be certain defeat.
Acting without regard to consequences is part of what it means to be human. By acting in this way we give meaning to our lives. But this human trait becomes dangerous when leaders pursue a project that not only can’t succeed, but is destroyed by the very process of trying to achieve it. The euro is one such project. It was known in advance that it couldn’t work. To go on with the project isn’t simply to compound the error that was made when the currency was set up. It’s an act of folly.
Having identified themselves with an unrealisable project, European leaders are committed to pursuing it to the bitter end. It’s not just their reputation and pensions that are at stake. The euro embodies a vision of an ideal Europe that has become part of the meaning of their lives. Conceived in the aftermath of World War Two, the European Union was meant as a way of leaving behind forever the conflicts between nation-states that had wracked the continent in the past. The paradox is that by pursuing this dream, Europe’s elites have locked themselves into a project that can only deepen Europe’s divisions and inflame the forces of nationalism.

John von Neumann 1903-1957

Born in Hungary, von Neumann was one of the world’s foremost mathematicians by his mid-20s
Pioneered game theory and was one of the conceptual inventors of the stored-program digital computer, alongside Alan Turing and Claude Shannon
Also performed pivotal work on quantum theory and the atomic bomb
Encyclopedia Britannica: John von Neumann

BIMATRIX GAMES SOLVER (arbitrary number of strategies)
MATRIX GAMES SOLVER (at most 5×5 strategies)

Repeated games of two players (for various strategies combinations):

Tournament (number scores of various strategies):

The evolution of a population with strategies in question:

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Julian Assange case: Sweden to drop sex assault inquiry

Swedish prosecutors will drop their investigation into sexual assault allegations against Julian Assange on Thursday because of the statutes of limitation, the BBC has learned.

Assange Julian Assange case: Sweden to drop sex assault inquiry Romano Pisciotti


The Wikileaks founder still faces the more serious allegation of rape.
But prosecutors have run out of time to investigate Mr Assange for sexual assault because they have not succeeded in questioning him.
He denies all allegations and has said they are part of a smear campaign.
The Australian journalist and activist sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden.


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Precariato – Ordinanza della Corte

dall’intervista all’avocato De Michele

Ma perché la Corte costituzionale non è autonoma nel suo giudizio? Non poteva risolvere la Corte il problema del precariato scolastico, visto che tutti i giudici di merito attendevano la decisione della Consulta?

Corte Precariato   Ordinanza della Corte Romano Pisciotti

“Senza dubbio è autonoma come organo costituzionale di garanzia, ma non credo che avrebbe potuto risolvere il problema del precariato scolastico più dello sforzo coraggioso già realizzato con l’ordinanza n. 207/2013 di rinvio pregiudiziale alla Corte di giustizia firmata dal Presidente Mattarella. C’era innanzitutto un problema enorme, giuridico, di ammissibilità delle questioni di legittimità costituzionale delle sette ordinanze dei Tribunali di Trento, Roma e Lamezia Terme, che avevano puntato solo ed esclusivamente alla sanzione del risarcimento dei danni e non della stabilizzazione ed avevano indicato come norma da dichiarare illegittima per contrasto con la direttiva soltanto l’art.4, comma 1, della legge n.124/1999. Del resto, mi pare che la confusione regni sovrana nella giurisprudenza di merito: Corte di giustizia (sentenza Mascolo, punto 116), Cassazione (sentenza n.10127/2012) e Corte costituzionale (ordinanza n.207/2013) sono univoche nell’escludere la possibilità che si applichi il risarcimento dei danni di cui all’art.36, comma 5, d. lgs. n.165/2001, mentre i giudici di merito continuano prevalentemente a inventarsi le soluzioni più fantasiose sul risarcimento dei danni, dimostrando ampiamente di aver perso la bussola. Quindi, non è che la Corte costituzionale, dopo aver escluso il risarcimento dei danni, avrebbe potuto individuare una sanzione effettiva diversa da quella ritenuta adeguata dalla Corte di giustizia, cioè la stabilità lavorativa dopo il superamento dei 36 mesi – tutto compreso, anche gli spezzoni di cattedra, le supplenze fino al termine delle attività didattiche, le sostituzioni effettive, oltre alle supplenze annuali -, perché la norma è chiara e non ammette un’applicazione ‘limitativa’ rispetto alla tipologia di supplenza. E anche per consentire l’applicazione dell’art. 5, comma 4 bis, d.lgs. n. 368/2001, la Corte costituzionale avrebbe dovuto fare i salti mortali e andare molto oltre le sue possibilità operative”.


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Scandalo FIFA: Estradizione negli Usa dalla Svizzera, di Romano Pisciotti.

Funzionario FIFA arrestato a Zurigo estradato negli USA

romano pisciotti estradizione fifa 300x177 Scandalo FIFA: Estradizione negli Usa dalla Svizzera, di Romano Pisciotti. Romano Pisciotti

10.07.2015 – aggiornato: 10.07.2015 – 17:29
Uno dei sette funzionari della Federazione mondiale di calcio (FIFA) arrestati in maggio a Zurigo ha acconsentito alla sua estradizione negli Stati Uniti.

Lo riferisce l’Ufficio federale di giustizia (UFG) che, per ragioni di sicurezza e di tutela della personalità, non dà indicazioni sul momento della consegna né sul nome del dirigente.

In una prima audizione della Polizia cantonale di Zurigo subito dopo il suo arresto, il funzionario si era opposto all’estradizione negli Stati Uniti. L’UFG aveva pertanto invitato gli USA a presentare una domanda formale di estradizione, che è stata trasmessa a Berna il primo di luglio.

Ieri, quando è stato sentito in merito alla domanda formale americana, l’interessato ha acconsentito all’estradizione. L’UFG ha potuto pertanto autorizzarla con procedura semplificata. Il funzionario della FIFA deve ora essere preso in consegna da una scorta di polizia e trasferito negli Stati Uniti entro dieci giorni.

Il 27 maggio scorso, in seguito a una domanda d’arresto statunitense, l’uomo era stato arrestato a Zurigo e incarcerato in vista d’estradizione insieme a sei altri funzionari della FIFA. La procura del Distretto Est di New York li accusa di aver accettato tangenti per oltre 150 milioni di dollari per l’assegnazione dei diritti di commercializzazione a varie imprese di marketing sportivo per partite di qualificazione per i Campionati del mondo nonché campionati regionali e continentali nell’America del Sud e del Nord. In tale modo i funzionari avrebbero arrecato danni finanziari a due federazioni continentali della FIFA come pure a diverse federazioni nazionali.

La Fifa ha annunciato ieri la sospensione a vita dell’americano Chuck Blazer, la gola profonda delle indagini americane, ex membro del comitato esecutivo della FIFA ed ex segretario generale della Confederazione di football dell’America del Nord, dell’America centrale e dei Caraibi (Concacaf).

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Immigration Bill: Landlords ‘must evict’ illegal immigrants

Landlords in England will be expected to evict tenants who lose the right to live in the UK under new measures to clamp down on illegal immigration.


Flag of the United Kingdom Stock Photo flag union jack 300x300 Immigration Bill: Landlords must evict illegal immigrants Romano Pisciotti


They will be able to end tenancies, sometimes without a court order, when asylum requests fail, ministers say.
Landlords will also be required to check a migrant’s status in advance of agreeing a lease. Repeat offenders could face up to five years in prison.
But critics have said it may lead to UK citizens being refused accommodation.

The proposals – to be included in the upcoming Immigration Bill – come as the British and French governments struggle to deal with a migrant crisis in Calais, where large numbers of people are making nightly bids to cross the Channel to reach the UK.
Under the proposals for landlords in England, the Home Office would issue a notice when an asylum application fails that confirms the tenant no longer has the right to rent property.


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IMG 1770 181x300 Immigration Bill: Landlords must evict illegal immigrants Romano Pisciotti
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