USA: The National Law of Unfair Competition

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Unfair competition

Romano Pisciotti recommends this book about business competition, infringement of the Law and antitrust:

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Harvard Law Review

Charles Bunn
Harvard Law Review
Vol. 62, No. 6 (Apr., 1949), pp. 987-1001
Published by: The Harvard Law Review Association
DOI: 10.2307/1336314
Stable URL:

Why are people enthusiastic about iPhone?

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“The brand name they have made. Apple products are next to perfection. Or rather they were. The way they have engineered their products is what makes it special
Be it the body antenna introduced in the iPhone 4s. The magnetic charger. The fan design to reduce noise. They thought about everything. They make a product even you Granny can use.
I say that Steve has become successful today, because even after his demise. The Apple still dazzles people. Owning Apple is nothing but a status symbol. That’s the jist”


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iphone 7

Sharon Chalkin Feldstein by Romano Pisciotti Report

Sharon Chalkin Feldstein founder of Expert Management started her company when it became evident to her that people needed real knowledge from real experts. In other words, moving away from celebrity’s opinions towards the expert’s advice.

Expert Management acts as personal managers guiding their clients in achieving their goals, which may include hosting, publishing, endorsements, multilevel media, and product creation.

On a personal note, Sharon has enjoyed many years as a celebrity stylist, trend expert (creator of the infamous “Sparkle Cell Phone”), costume designer, while teaching master classes on these subjects at the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology in New York). Sharon divides her time between Los Angeles and New York City.

Recommended by Captain Romano Pisciotti

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Game theory – Europe


Thinking about this situation in terms of game theory isn’t terribly illuminating. The academic discipline that goes by the name is a branch of mathematics founded in the interwar years by the brilliant polymath John von Neumann, who was also involved at Los Alamos in the construction of the first atomic bomb. According to Neumann’s theory, human beings make rational choices aiming to achieve results that are best for each of them. Applied in the context of the post-war nuclear stand-off, the theory produced “mutually assured destruction” – the balance of terror that has prevented full-scale war between nuclear-armed states. It has also been applied widely in economics and business management, and with some success.
The trouble with game theory is that it assumes human action is essentially strategic or instrumental in nature – in other words, that humans act in order to achieve some definite result or pay-off. In many situations this model fits reasonably well. It can be useful in thinking about how to get a pay rise, or bargain for a lower price when buying something you want. Politicians often apply game-theoretic strategies in their dealings with opponents, by presenting them with policy options that reveal their vulnerabilities, for example. Game theory can also be useful in military situations – not only nuclear stand-offs, but also in identifying targets of terrorist activity and computing the optimal paths of missiles.

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Europe and USA compare Games and strategies

But not all of human behaviour fits a model of strategic reasoning. We humans don’t act only in order to bring about results. We also act to express ourselves, to show the kind of human being we are or want to be. Behaviour of this expressive kind can be admirable and noble. It would be difficult to come up with compelling strategic reasons for Winston Churchill’s decision to lead Britain in fighting on against Nazism in May 1940. Churchill may have thought that Britain would be better off being defeated, even in strategic terms, than it would be if it reached some sort of compromise with Germany, since there was little reason to believe that Hitler would keep to the terms of any deal. But the real reason for Churchill’s decision was a conception of civilisation that precluded a shameful peace with the worst sort of barbarism. Fighting on was better, even if the consequence could be known in advance to be certain defeat.
Acting without regard to consequences is part of what it means to be human. By acting in this way we give meaning to our lives. But this human trait becomes dangerous when leaders pursue a project that not only can’t succeed, but is destroyed by the very process of trying to achieve it. The euro is one such project. It was known in advance that it couldn’t work. To go on with the project isn’t simply to compound the error that was made when the currency was set up. It’s an act of folly.
Having identified themselves with an unrealisable project, European leaders are committed to pursuing it to the bitter end. It’s not just their reputation and pensions that are at stake. The euro embodies a vision of an ideal Europe that has become part of the meaning of their lives. Conceived in the aftermath of World War Two, the European Union was meant as a way of leaving behind forever the conflicts between nation-states that had wracked the continent in the past. The paradox is that by pursuing this dream, Europe’s elites have locked themselves into a project that can only deepen Europe’s divisions and inflame the forces of nationalism.

John von Neumann 1903-1957

Born in Hungary, von Neumann was one of the world’s foremost mathematicians by his mid-20s
Pioneered game theory and was one of the conceptual inventors of the stored-program digital computer, alongside Alan Turing and Claude Shannon
Also performed pivotal work on quantum theory and the atomic bomb
Encyclopedia Britannica: John von Neumann

BIMATRIX GAMES SOLVER (arbitrary number of strategies)
MATRIX GAMES SOLVER (at most 5×5 strategies)

Repeated games of two players (for various strategies combinations):

Tournament (number scores of various strategies):

The evolution of a population with strategies in question:

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BMW contro Google

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Alphabet è il ramo di BMW che si occupa dei servizi di mobilità aziendale.

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BMW Logo

Quando lunedì Google ha annunciato la nascita di Alphabet, la mega società che riorganizza la galassia di Mountain View per privilegiare lo sviluppo di nuovi progetti, lo ha fatto con un sito ufficiale un po’ insolito: il portale dell’azienda non è ma Questo perché appartiene a BMW, che non ha la minima intenzione di vendere il dominio a Big G. Anzi, l’azienda tedesca non ha apprezzato l’uso di un marchio identico al suo.

Pisciotti Romano, commento: a google sarebbe bastato usare un motore di ricerca per scoprirlo !!!!

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Google unveils surprise restructuring under Alphabet

Google has unveiled a surprise restructuring, creating a new parent company called Alphabet Inc.


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Under the rebranding, Google will retain its best-known businesses, such as search, apps, YouTube and Android.
Some of the newer entities, such as the investment and research divisions, the “smart-home” unit Nest, and the drone arm will be run under Alphabet.
Google founder Larry Page said it would create a simpler structure for what had become a diverse group of businesses.
“This new structure will allow us to keep tremendous focus on the extraordinary opportunities we have inside of Google,” he said in the blogpost.”Our company is operating well today, but we think we can make it cleaner and more accountable,” he said. “The whole point is that Alphabet companies should have independence and develop their own brands.”
Mr Page will become chief executive of Alphabet, with senior vice president Sundar Pichai becoming CEO of Google.
Mr Page’s fellow Google co-founder Sergey Brin will become president of Alphabet, and Eric Schmidt, the current Google chairman, will be executive chairman of the holding company.
What’s in a name?
Google’s new chief financial officer, Ruth Porat, will hold the same title for both Google and Alphabet.
BGC Partners’ investment analyst Colin Gillis said the new structure should give investors greater clarity on strategy and how much Google was spending on new products.


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Romano Pisciotti, 2015
Segnalato Romano Pisciotti Google unveils surprise restructuring under Alphabet Romano Pisciotti
…notizia da tenere sott’occhio….

Capitalismo di relazione

E’ di questi giorni l’ennesimo caso di azienda italiana che passa sotto le insegne di un concorrente estero di maggiori dimensioni. Il nostro Paese è sempre più una sorta di supermarket dove operatori globali hanno l’irripetibile opportunità di comprare prodotti di gran qualità a prezzi scontati.

supermercato Italia Capitalismo di relazione Romano Pisciotti
supermercato Italia

Italcementi e’ stata solo l’ultima azienda in ordine cronologico a passare sotto il controllo di una compagine straniera, seguendo la sorte già toccata nel recente passato alle varie Loro Piana, WDF, Sorin, Indesit, Gtech, Pirelli, Ansaldo, Parmalat, Wind (2 volte), e chi più ne ha più ne metta.

Da non trascurare è anche il crescente interesse di investitori, in primis mediorientali, anche su società del calibro di Snam, Terna, Enel, Eni, Unicredit, su sui stanno accumulando importanti partecipazioni.

In realtà stiamo assistendo al progressivo e definitivo sfaldamento del cosiddetto capitalismo di relazione, che poggiava essenzialmente sulle entrature nel salotto buono di Mediobanca e al successivo riposizionamento dei protagonisti vecchi e nuovi.

Ormai anche le banche e le compagnie di assicurazioni, che erano asservite alla logica di cui sopra, non sono più in grado di sostituirsi a partner industriali latitanti o sottocapitalizzati, in quanto il loro nuovo management è sempre più focalizzato sul ritorno economico per i propri azionisti. Meglio tardi che mai…

Le aziende che sono state comprate, erano per la maggior parte aziende familiari arrivate alla seconda o alla terza generazione, che hanno preferito vendere la partecipazione, piuttosto che continuare a competere in uno scenario sempre più complesso, ma per questo estremamente stimolante. Ovviamente il fatto di operare in Italia, fornisce un grande alibi per la vendita, considerando tutte le cose che non funzionano.


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New Business Ideas

Emergent Research predicted that revenue from the food truck industry will reach $2.7 billion by 2017. A truck is a much less expensive investment than a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

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The failure rate for food trucks is just 10 to 20 percent (as opposed to 60 to 90 percent for restaurants). With the right equipment and some great recipes, you can have your mobile eatery up and running in no time.


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Analysis of your enterprise position



Description of the Model
The form of your product or service and the makeup of your prospect base will influence how you structure your promotion. If you are offering an improved version of the same product or service to the same customer/prospect base then no changes should be required. On the other end of the spectrum, a new product or service going to a new prospect base calls for a new and innovative approach to promotion. In between circumstances require a more subtle approach to promotional changes. Characterize Your Enterprise
An expert will position your enterprise on the chart based upon your description of:
product function
buyer history
You can trace through the supporting analysis and its conclusions, adjusting your input until you are satisfied your description accurately characterizes your enterprise.

Analysis of Your Enterprise Position:fossili Analysis of your enterprise position Romano Pisciotti
Brand Repositioning
The product remains the same, but is now offered to a new market. There will be new competitors and a new marketing mix. Product Repositioning
The product is changing, and is now offered to a new market. There will be a new appearance, new features and benefits and new competitors. Innovation
This is the most complex change. New technology, new price, new promotion, and new competitors call for new strategy.
The product remains the same, but the marketing mix, price, and promotion are re-blended. Re-launch
Change the name, appearance, costs and the marketing mix. Obvious Substitution
The new product appears in a conspicuous manner drawing attention to new technology and materials. Change the name, appearance, costs and the marketing mix.
No change
Neither the product or market is changing. Maintain the status quo. Face lift
No change in marketing, but changes in the product must provide greater competitive advantage. star trek Analysis of your enterprise position Romano PisciottiQuiet Substitution
No change in marketing. The new product creeps quietly into the market without fanfare.

Marketing Plan


Firms that are successful in marketing invariably start with a marketing plan. Large companies have plans with hundreds of pages; small companies can get by with a half-dozen sheets. Put your marketing plan in a three-ring binder. Refer to it at least quarterly, but better yet monthly. Leave a tab for putting in monthly reports on sales/manufacturing; this will allow you to track performance as you follow the plan.

The plan should cover one year. For small companies, this is often the best way to think about marketing. Things change, people leave, markets evolve, customers come and go. Later on we suggest creating a section of your plan that addresses the medium-term future–two to four years down the road. But the bulk of your plan should focus on the coming year.

You should allow yourself a couple of months to write the plan, even if it’s only a few pages long. Developing the plan is the “heavy lifting” of marketing. While executing the plan has its challenges, deciding what to do and how to do it is marketing’s greatest challenge. Most marketing plans kick off with the first of the year or with the opening of your fiscal year if it’s different………………..

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