Hackers target internet address bug to disrupt sites

Hackers are exploiting a serious flaw in the internet’s architecture, according to a security firm.

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The bug targets systems which convert URLs into IP addresses.
Exploiting it could threaten the smooth running of internet services as it allows hackers to launch denial-of-service attacks on websites, potentially forcing them offline.
Regular internet users are unlikely to be severely affected, however.
Bind is the name of a variety of Domain Name System (DNS) software used on the majority of internet servers.
The recently identified bug allows attackers to crash the software, therefore taking the DNS service offline and preventing URLs, for example, from working.
A patch for the flaw is already available, but many systems are yet to be updated.
The Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), which develops Bind, said in a tweet that the vulnerability was “particularly critical” and “easily exploited”.

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Russia makes renewed bid for contentious Arctic regions

Russia has renewed its efforts to get the United Nations to recognise 1.2 million sq km (463,000 sq miles) of the Arctic shelf that it lays claim to.

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It made a similar move for the resource-rich territory in 2001, but that was rejected by a UN commission because of insufficient evidence.
Russia’s foreign ministry said the fresh bid is backed by scientific data.
But all other countries bordering the Arctic – Norway, Denmark, Canada and the US – reject Moscow’s claim.
All five nations have been trying to assert jurisdiction over parts of the Arctic, which is believed to hold up to a quarter of the world’s undiscovered oil and gas.
The competition for Arctic resources has intensified in recent years as the shrinking polar ice opens new opportunities for exploration.

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Russia said its new submission to the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf contained new arguments.
“Ample scientific data collected in years of Arctic research are used to back the Russian claim,” Russia foreign ministry said in a statement.
Russia previously staked a claim to the Arctic seabed in 2007 by dropping a canister containing the Russian flag on to the ocean floor from a submarine at the North Pole.
The new move comes a week after the Kremlin said it was strengthening its naval forces in the Arctic as part of a new military doctrine.
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said the plans included a new fleet of icebreakers.
Earlier this year, Russia’s military conducted exercises in the Arctic that involved 38,000 servicemen, more than 50 surface ships and submarines and 110 aircraft.


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U boat U boat Romano Pisciotti
U boat

U-boat is the anglicised version of the German word U-Boot [ˈuːboːt] , a shortening of Unterseeboot, literally “undersea boat”. While the German term refers to any submarine, the English one (in common with several other languages) refers specifically to military submarines operated by Germany, particularly in the Firstand Second World Wars. Although at times they were efficient fleet weapons against enemy naval warships, they were most effectively used in an economic warfare role (commerce raiding), enforcing a naval blockadeagainst enemy shipping. The primary targets of the U-boat campaigns in both wars were the merchant convoys bringing supplies from Canada, the British Empire, and the United States to the islands of the United Kingdom and (during the Second World War) to the Soviet Union and the Allied territories in the Mediterranean.


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Immigration Bill: Landlords ‘must evict’ illegal immigrants

Landlords in England will be expected to evict tenants who lose the right to live in the UK under new measures to clamp down on illegal immigration.


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They will be able to end tenancies, sometimes without a court order, when asylum requests fail, ministers say.
Landlords will also be required to check a migrant’s status in advance of agreeing a lease. Repeat offenders could face up to five years in prison.
But critics have said it may lead to UK citizens being refused accommodation.

The proposals – to be included in the upcoming Immigration Bill – come as the British and French governments struggle to deal with a migrant crisis in Calais, where large numbers of people are making nightly bids to cross the Channel to reach the UK.
Under the proposals for landlords in England, the Home Office would issue a notice when an asylum application fails that confirms the tenant no longer has the right to rent property.


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I’m with the lions

Liberty ship

The Liberty ship was a class of cargo ship built in the United States during World War II. Though British in conception, the design was adapted by the U.S. for its simple, low-cost construction. Mass produced on an unprecedented scale, the now iconic Liberty ship came to symbolize U.S. wartime industrial output.

The class was developed to meet British orders for transports to replace those torpedoed by German U-boats. The vessels were purchased both for the U.S. fleet and lend-lease deliveries of war materiel to Britain and the Soviet Union. Eighteen American shipyards built 2,710 Liberty ships between 1941 and 1945, easily the largest number of ships produced to a single design.

SS John W Brown 300x178 Liberty ship Romano Pisciotti


Their production mirrored on a much larger scale the manufacture of the Hog Islander and similar standardized ship types during World War I. The immensity of the effort, the sheer number of ships built, the vaunted role of Rosie the Riveters in their construction, and the survival of some far longer than their original five-year design life, all make them the subject of much continued interest.


Only a handful remain in 2015, two as operational museum ships.


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Capitalismo di relazione

E’ di questi giorni l’ennesimo caso di azienda italiana che passa sotto le insegne di un concorrente estero di maggiori dimensioni. Il nostro Paese è sempre più una sorta di supermarket dove operatori globali hanno l’irripetibile opportunità di comprare prodotti di gran qualità a prezzi scontati.

supermercato Italia Capitalismo di relazione Romano Pisciotti
supermercato Italia

Italcementi e’ stata solo l’ultima azienda in ordine cronologico a passare sotto il controllo di una compagine straniera, seguendo la sorte già toccata nel recente passato alle varie Loro Piana, WDF, Sorin, Indesit, Gtech, Pirelli, Ansaldo, Parmalat, Wind (2 volte), e chi più ne ha più ne metta.

Da non trascurare è anche il crescente interesse di investitori, in primis mediorientali, anche su società del calibro di Snam, Terna, Enel, Eni, Unicredit, su sui stanno accumulando importanti partecipazioni.

In realtà stiamo assistendo al progressivo e definitivo sfaldamento del cosiddetto capitalismo di relazione, che poggiava essenzialmente sulle entrature nel salotto buono di Mediobanca e al successivo riposizionamento dei protagonisti vecchi e nuovi.

Ormai anche le banche e le compagnie di assicurazioni, che erano asservite alla logica di cui sopra, non sono più in grado di sostituirsi a partner industriali latitanti o sottocapitalizzati, in quanto il loro nuovo management è sempre più focalizzato sul ritorno economico per i propri azionisti. Meglio tardi che mai…

Le aziende che sono state comprate, erano per la maggior parte aziende familiari arrivate alla seconda o alla terza generazione, che hanno preferito vendere la partecipazione, piuttosto che continuare a competere in uno scenario sempre più complesso, ma per questo estremamente stimolante. Ovviamente il fatto di operare in Italia, fornisce un grande alibi per la vendita, considerando tutte le cose che non funzionano.


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Des escargots géants envahissent la Floride

Etats-Unis : La péninsule américaine tente de contrer l’invasion rampante d’une espèce particulièrement prolifique. Les animaux menacent l’agriculture.

escargot géant 300x200 Des escargots géants envahissent la Floride Romano Pisciotti
escargot géant


Il peut atteindre la taille d’une basket, dévore des centaines de types de plantes et peut être dangereux si on le mange… C’est l’escargot géant d’Afrique. Et il envahit une partie de la Floride pour la deuxième fois en 50 ans.

L’éliminer n’est pas simple et prend du temps. Depuis la découverte du gastéropode glouton à Miami en 2011, la Floride a déjà dépensé 11 millions de dollars pour éradiquer la bête.

Malgré ces efforts, l’escargot a tracé sa route visqueuse jusque dans la banlieue sud de Miami mais aussi dans le comté voisin au nord de la ville.


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How To Analyze Your Audience In Google Analytics

No matter what industry you’re in or what your approach is to marketing and advertising, understanding your audience better will allow you to improve your practices and increase your customer loyalty and retention.

Google Analytics How To Analyze Your Audience In Google Analytics Romano Pisciotti
Google Analytics



Understanding your audience ADNC NaN% is pivotal to any business. No matter what industry you’re in or what your approach is to marketing and advertising, understanding your audience better will allow you to improve your practices and increase your customer loyalty and retention.

Today, thanks to readily available technologies, it’s easier than ever to analyze your audience and get a better idea of who’s interacting with your brand and why. With the right insights, you can modify your approach, anticipate your customer needs, and create a superior user experience.

Google Analytics is one of the best tools you can use for this purpose. Once your script is installed, you’ll be able to measure a tremendous diversity of data on your web users, and using that data, you’ll be able to make meaningful change to your branding and marketing strategies.


Acquisition Insights

The Acquisition area of Google GOOGL -1.01% Analytics is one of the most important, especially if you’re marketing to your audience online in different formats. The main purpose of the Acquisition section is to provide insight on how your users are finding your site. For example, in the Acquisition Overview, you’ll be able to see a chart of how many users found your site after typing your URL directly into their browser versus those that found it through an external link, social media, or search engine results.

This information is especially useful in determining which of your marketing strategies is the most effective, but it’s also useful for determining what types of people are visiting your site and why. For example, if you find that the majority of your users are finding your site through content you’ve syndicated on social media, you could double your content writing and syndication efforts to attract an even greater number of users.



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Jayson DeMers 




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