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Strategy: Is this the right strategy to make your products known?

Rome Business School prides itself for its presence and relevance in over 140 countries; Nigeria inclusive. Majority of its courses; strategically designed with reference to globally accepted standards.

The idea of Rome Business School Nigeria is to tailor these global standards to a more unique grassroots-concentrated business environment (Nigeria).


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“Follow my Strategic Marketing lessons”

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THE WORLD IN 2100 We will all be Nigerians
There is Africa in our past.

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A hundred thousand years ago, humanity started from the highlands of the black continent to colonize the world… And there is Africa in our future.
Within this century, the bulk of the men and women who inhabit the planet will be native to Africa.

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An extraterrestrial who, in 2100, did a hit-and-run visit to our planet and would describe us briefly would report that, for the most part, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren have black skin and frizzy hair. At least four out of ten people who would meet would be African. Much more than Chinese and Indian. And the Europeans? Well, the extraterrestrial should have luck to find them. Virtually invisible, a small minority: one in ten.
The population of the Earth is growing, in fact, a bit slower than in recent decades, but will continue to grow, especially in Africa.

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Lagos, Kinshasa, Addis Ababa, Dar es Salaam These are the metropolises-boom of the next decades.
The countries destined to a faster population growth are: Nigeria, Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Niger.

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The Africa that it has today, scattered among savannahs, deserted forests, little more than a billion inhabitants, will have, predicts the United Nations, more than double (2.4 billion) in 2050 and four times as much (4.2 billion) at the end of the century. More than China and India combined.

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Anesthesia Workstation


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Anesthesia Workstation

Your healthcare, we care.

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A9800 Anesthesia Workstation

A9800 is an advanced yet easy to use anesthesia workstation that provides accurate, pneumatically driven and electronically controlled ventilation.

It has a user-friendly design, incorporates new technology and provides safe and effective treatment options for the clinician.
A9800 incudes Adult and Child modes that provide patient-appropriate defaults and ranges.

A9800 provides complete anesthesia ventilation capabilities that include traditional and “intensive-care type” ventilation modes like PCV-VG (volume guarantee). Low-flow anesthesia delivery creates savings by lowering facility gas usage. Sophisticated ventilation capabilities of A9800 will meet the needs of the full patient range. The integrated Electronic flowmeter provides accurate monitoring and intuitive operation.

Abundant options for A9800

Gas monitoring CO2, N2O & 5 types of anesthetic agents. AGSS (Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System) provides safe and effective waste gas removal.
Patient suction regulator.

Third vaporizer parking position.

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A9800 Anesthesia Workstation

Advanced and clear user interface:

The large 15” TFT LCD with touch screen along with a navigator wheel provides a simple intuitive interface that enhances user control. The screen can be tilted upward and downward according
to the doctor’s needs and position. These ergonomic features assure the clinician can complete the entire operation easily and accurately. The parameter areas on the main screen are shown in different colors for ease of identification. The waveforms and alarm records are clearly shown for easy review by the clinician of the patient’s treatment information.

Powerful monitoring functions:

A9800 displays patient data with waveforms and spirometry loops. Loops can be stored as reference to best understand changes in patient response to therapy. Optional gas monitoring provides clinicians with complete information on patient ventilation and agent delivery and uptake.

The Electronic flow meters for O2, Air and N2O are designed especially for low-flow applications. This system includes electronic fresh gas flow displays along with traditional mechanical flow controllers and flow control knobs for enhanced patient safety
over fully electronic blending systems.
Data communications export is supported to connect to the
Hospital IT systems and support EMR.

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A9800 Anesthesia Workstation

Full Featured Workstation:
Advanced features for therapy delivery are also easy to use. The single-turn APL valve on A9800 includes a quick-release function to quickly lower patient breathing pressure and accurately sets pressure limits
Automatic Compliance compensation along with Fresh Gas Flow compensation help clinician to deliver accurate and precise ventilation therapy
Full waveform display including integrated Spirometry provides loops when desired for improved clinical data analysis
System provides a minimum of 25% O2 concentration at all times utilizing a pneumatic Oxygen Ratio Controller. This enhances patient safety over systems that utilize electronic or software controlled ORC functions
Large stainless worktable provides extra convenience to the user, with the flip- up table design saving space efficiently
Impressive array of standard features improves the system usability: auxiliary oxygen flow meter with Air/O2 Blender and auxiliary AC power outlets
Air/O2 Blender for Aux Gas outlet is conveniently located on front panel to allow user to mix Aux Gas from 100% O2 to 21% O2 easily and accurately
Breathing system is heated to reduce condensation and is integrated within the workstation
Advanced breathing system is fully autoclaveable
Absorber by-pass function makes changing absorbent during a case easier Absorber is compatible with Standard Prepaks or loose-fill CO2 Absorbent Auto/Manual Switch is located on the breathing system for simple control of Ventilator On/Off
ACGO (Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet) switch is a standard feature to allow for use with non-rebreathing adapters
GCX-type rails support easy mounting of other devices to the workstation
6 Traditional Gas Supply Pressure Gauges allow for easy status monitoring of hospital wall gas supplies and gas cylinders/tanks
3 locking drawers for storage
Standard SelectatecTM-compatible mounts hold two vaporizers

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A9800 Anesthesia Workstation Technical Parameters

Ventilation Modes

·Volume Control
·Pressure Control
·SIMV with Pressure Support (SIMV + PS) – with Volume or

Pressure-type mandatory breaths
·Pressure Support (with Apnea backup)
·PCV-VG (Pressure Control Ventilation with Volume Guarantee) ·Manual ventilation

Parameters and Ranges

·Pressure target: 5 – 70 cmH2O ·Pressure support (delta P): 3 – 50 cmH2O ·Tidal Volume: 20 – 1500 mL
·Breathing Freq.: 2-100 bpm

2-60 bpm in PS
2-100 bpm in SIMV-VC and SIMV-PC 4-100 bpm in other modes

·TINSP: 0.2-5.0 s
·PEEP: OFF, 3 – 30 cmH2O
·FreqMIN: 2 – 60 bpm
·T pause: OFF, 5%-60%
·Trigger: 1 – 15 L/min
·I:E Ratio: 4:1-1:8
·TSLOPE: 0 – 2 s
·Vaporizers: Sevoflurane, Desflurane, Isoflurane, Halothane,



·Continous monitoring of inspiratory O2 concentration, breathing frequency, airway pressure (Paw, Peak, Pmean, PEEP), minute volume and tidal volume.

·The measured parameters are displayed as large, easy to read digital values. Airway pressure, flow and CO2 (optional) are shown in graphical waveforms.


·Apnea CO2
·Adjustable alarm limits for Inspiratory O2 concentration (FiO2) ·Adjustable alarm limits for Minute Volume (MV)
·Adjustable alarm limits for Airway pressure (PAW) ·Adjustable alarm limits for EtCO2 and agents
·Continuous Pressure
·O2 Supply Fail
·Negative Pressure
·High Breath Rate (PS)
·High PEEP
·Mixed Agents
·Low Battery
·AC Power Fail
·Technical alarms

Operation Conditions

·Operating voltage: AC100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
·Temperature: 10 – 40°C(operation); -20 – 60°C (storage &transport) ·Relative humidity: ≤90%, non-condensing (operation);

≤90%, non-condensing(storage &transport) ·Weight (without vaporizer & cylinders): approx. 100Kg

·Dimensions (H x W x D): approx. 1400mm x 900mm x 760mm


EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2, ISO 80601-2-13

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MediCare srl

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Sub Saharan African economies

Sub-Saharan Africa is not growing as fast as expected, here’s why: Sub Saharan African economies are still recovering from the slowdown in 2015-16, but growth is slower than expected, according to the October 2018 issue of Africa’s Pulse, the bi-annual analysis of the state of African economies by the WorldBank. The average growth rate in the region is estimated at 2.7 percent in 2018, which represents a slight increase from 2.3 percent in 2017.

“The region’s economic recovery is in progress but at a slower pace than expected,” said Albert Zeufack, World Bank Chief Economist for Africa. “To accelerate and sustain an inclusive growth momentum, policy makers must continue to focus on investments that foster human capital, reduce resource misallocation and boost productivity. Policymakers in the region must equip themselves to manage new risks arising from changes in the composition of capital flows and debt.”

Slow growth is partially a reflection of a less favorable external environment for the region.


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The most valuable brands 2018


The most valuable brands in the world are Apple, Google and Amazon according to the usual Interbrand annual report.

The Cupertino colossal in 2018 reached a value of 214 billion dollars. Apple and Google have occupied the first two places for six consecutive years, according to Interbrand’s Best Global Brands report, while Facebook slipped to the ninth after being the fastest growing brand for five years. Meanwhile, the brands that reached the top 100 in 2017 but were expelled this year are among others Tesla, Thomson Reuters, Moët & Chandon and Smirnoff.

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logo apple

I brand di maggior valore al mondo sono Apple, Google e Amazon secondo il consueto rapporto annuale di Interbrand.

Il colosso di Cupertino nel 2018 ha toccato un valore di 214 miliardi di dollari. Apple e Google hanno occupato i primi due posti per sei anni consecutivi, secondo il rapporto Best Global Brands di Interbrand, mentre Facebook è scivolato al nono dopo essere stato il marchio in più rapida crescita da cinque anni. Nel frattempo i marchi che hanno raggiunto i primi 100 nel 2017 ma sono stati espulsi quest’anno sono tra gli altri Tesla, Thomson Reuters, Moët & Chandon e Smirnoff.

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The de-civilising process

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Neoliberismo The de civilising process Romano Pisciotti

The de-civilising process

Adrian Wooldridge laments the collapse of manners

In his new book, “In Pursuit of Civility”, British historian Keith Thomas tells the story of the most benign developments of the past 500 years: the spread of civilised manners. In the 16th and 17th centuries many people behaved like barbarians. They delighted in public hangings and torture. They stank to high heaven. Samuel Pepys defecated in a chimney. Josiah Pullen, vice-principal of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, urinated while showing a lady around his college, “still holding the lady fast by the hand”. It took centuries of painstaking effort – sermons, etiquette manuals and stern lectures – to convert them into civilised human beings.

Reading Thomas’s book on a train recently I was gripped by a terrible realisation: everything our forebears worked so hard to achieve is now reversing. A process that took centuries has been undone in just a few decades.

There is no better place to observe the collapse of manners than on mass transport. The most basic move in the civilising process was to make a distinction between the public and the private: persuading people to defecate in lavatories rather than chimneys and eat at regular times in designated places, not whenever or wherever the mood took them. Yet today city streets reek of urine and trains smell of fast food. I recently had the misfortune to sit next to a quivering man-mountain on a train who proceeded to slurp a Coke, demolish a Big Mac, munch fries and spill ketchup onto his beard while giggling at a film on his super-sized iPad. His only concession to the fact that he wasn’t in his own sitting room was to wear headphones.

Overnight flights are worse. I’ve never witnessed anybody urinating on the back of an airline seat, as apparently happened on a Frontier Airlines plane this May. But I’ve watched a man next to me floss his teeth and then carefully place the thread on the tray table, another do a vigorous push-up routine in the corridor, and a modern-day Henry VIII discard his chicken bones on the floor.

Enlightenment philosophers were convinced that the great engines of modernity – urbanisation, commerce and travel – would also spread civilisation. Commerce was supposed to polish people’s manners as well as fill their pockets. The closer association of people with each other would allow the masses to learn refinement. Today those very engines are turning against the civilising process. San Francisco is at the centre of the biggest creation of wealth on the planet, yet its streets are often littered with faeces, garbage and syringes.

impronta The de civilising process Romano Pisciotti

The people who were supposed to act as guardians of high culture have collectively turned against it. Psychotherapists disparage self-restraint as a sign of unhealthy hang-ups. Academics are now so keen to denounce bourgeois civilisation as a tool of exploitation, patriarchy and/or misogyny that it can only be a matter of time before they start behaving like Josiah Pullen. One Cambridge economist, Victoria Bateman, turned up to a faculty meeting naked in protest at Britain’s vote to leave the EU. No wonder that today’s young, the most educated generation in history, are more likely to model their style on the urban underclass than on yesterday’s educated elite – hence the spread of tattoos, piercings and beards.

Civilisational decline is contagious: however hard you try to preserve your own manners you can’t resist the general trend. Make way for someone in a queue at Starbucks and you’ll have to wait ages as they order some ridiculously convoluted drink and then take the only free table. Keep the seat next to you clear on a train and you’ll find yourself sitting next to somebody who decides to treat it like their own sofa.

living The de civilising process Romano Pisciotti

I don’t think I’ll ever give in to the fashion for beards and tattoos, let alone turning up to meetings naked. But I’ve noticed that I increasingly circumvent the normal rules of politeness in a desperate attempt to keep going. I carry a pair of headphones with me at all times to insulate myself from the noise of my neighbours. I sprint ahead if I see any possible competitors approaching the queue for coffee. And I’ve graduated from putting my bag on the seat next to me on a train to a more cunning technique: I leave a copy of Jack Rosewood’s “The Big Book of Serial Killers” on the chair and smile manically at anyone who comes anywhere near. So far the serial-killer strategy has worked remarkably well.

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For spinters // Per le zitelle


A Palermo Sant’Onofrio ha il titolo di patrono secondario e nel 1568 gli fu dedicata una chiesetta, in Via Panneria

Sant’Onofrio tutt’ora viene pregato perché ha il potere di far trovare marito alle zitelle!. Ogni sera, per nove giorni di seguito, si doveva recitare tra una preghiera e l’altra una filastrocca fatta apposta per chiedere la grazia a Sant’Onofrio. Mentre si recitava la filastrocca si doveva mettere una monetina da due centesimi nella serratura di una porta qualsiasi. Se fosse caduta la richiesta era esaudita!

Palermo chiesa di SantOnofrio 300x223 For spinters // Per le zitelle Romano Pisciotti
Palermo, chiesa di Sant’Onofrio

In Palermo San’Onofrio is a secondary patron and in 1568 a religious group dedicated a small church to him, in Via Panneria

Saint Onofrio is famous because has the power to find a husband for the spinsters! Every evening for nine days, unlucky girl had to say a rhyme in Sicilian dialect between a prayer and the other one to ask the grace to Saint Onofrio. During the recite she had to put a two-cent coin in the lock of any door. If the coin fell the request was satisfied!


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David di Michelangelo


d2 David di Michelangelo Romano Pisciotti

La pietra nelle vene e il cuore aperto agli spazi dell’anima, ai sentimenti e ai pensieri: il segreto del marmo rivelato dalla mano dell’artista.

Bellezza e armonia di passi mai mossi e combattimenti immobili, il peccato d’essere di sasso e il miracolo di una vita eterna.

Romano Pisciotti

d5 300x167 David di Michelangelo Romano Pisciotti



(The stone in the veins and the heart open to the spaces of the soul, to feelings and thoughts: the secret of marble revealed by the artist’s hand.

Beauty and harmony of steps never moved and fights, the sin of being of stone and the miracle of an eternal life.)

d122 215x300 David di Michelangelo Romano Pisciotti

Il David è una delle sculture più note al mondo oltre ad essere una delle opere più rappresentative del Rinascimento. La scultura, che rappresenta il Re David prima della battaglia contro Golia, misura 4,10 metri e pesa 5,5 tonnellate. Scolpita in un blocco di marmo di Carrara, fu realizzata tra il 1501 e il 1504. Oggi è una delle principali attrazioni di Firenze.

The David is one of the most famous sculptures in the world as well as being one of the most representative works of the Renaissance. The sculpture, which represents King David before the battle against Goliath, measures 4.10 meters and weighs 5.5 tons. Sculpted in a block of Carrara marble, it was built between 1501 and 1504. Today it is one of the main attractions of Florence.

d10 David di Michelangelo Romano Pisciotti

Visit Sicily: Aurora View Resort


The idiot


To explain the “idiot” Darwin gives an example:
Two friends are on a frozen lake where they want to make a hole to fish. One has the idea of supporting a stick of dynamite, turn on the fuse and run back as far as possible, but the other observes that if it slips and falls, it remains torn by the explosion.

Then the other suggests to throw at full strength away a stick with the lit fuse. Good idea, so do, forgetting that with them there is the dog that just sees that tube fly up, runs to take it and brings it back.

You can imagine the ending.

Darwin 300x143 The idiot Romano Pisciotti

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