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Back to November 2018 when we hosted the Founding President, Professor Antonio Ragusa at the Rome Business School campus in Nigeria.

The Country Director, Humphrey Akanazu (Ph.D) and some Faculty members seized the opportunity to deliberate on ways to maintain top notch Educational services, in the MBA,  Master programs and Executive Education Courses.

There are a range of programs and courses, that we are extremely positive would be of benefits to you in your career endeavors.

You too can also be a part of these success stories by enrolling for any of our Master Programs or Executive Education courses.

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Romano Pisciotti, teacher at the Rome Business School

Rome Better Rome Business School campus in Nigeria Romano Pisciotti

Romano Pisciotti Rome Business School campus in Nigeria Romano Pisciotti
Romano Pisciotti

Training & Education

I’m glad to officially announce that the Rome Business School has become a member of the Planeta De Agostini Group. With its division dedicated to training and education, this organisation connects over 100.000 students in several countries. I’m proud that the business school that I founded from zero few years ago has been chosen for a further expansion by such an important corporation. We’re ready to serve our students and the world on a bigger scale. Thanks to all the people who have believed in this project and in my same dream.

Antonio Ragusa ( Founder & Dean Rome Business School)


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MBA (Leadership and Sustainability)

The MBA is the prime management qualification for managers. Designed for your success, the MBA creates distinctive managers with a comprehensive knowledge of the latest business practices.

Rome logo MBA (Leadership and Sustainability) Romano Pisciotti

Our MBA (Leadership and Sustainability), Master of Business Administration, and Master in International Business Management are offered in exclusive partnership with University of Cumbria. All our programmes are recognised worldwide.

Rome Business School prides itself for its presence and relevance in over 150 countries; Nigeria included. The majority of its courses is strategically designed with reference to globally accepted standards. The idea of Rome Business School Nigeria is to tailor these global standards to a more unique grassroots-concentrated business environment (Nigeria). In addition to creating easier access, faster response and steady availability to the Nigerian students and prospects, Rome Business School Nigeria was established.

Rome Business School Nigeria is not only charged with the responsibility to provide support advises and helps for prospective MBA and Master degree students but also embedded with the capacity to carry out Short Executive Courses training peculiar to the Nigerian environment and targeted towards individuals, companies and the nation-building at large.

Romano Pisciotti:

Schermata 2019 08 04 alle 18.36.20 300x239 MBA (Leadership and Sustainability) Romano Pisciotti
Romano Pisciotti
%name MBA (Leadership and Sustainability) Romano Pisciotti
Romano Pisciotti
Schermata 2019 08 04 alle 18.37.54 300x223 MBA (Leadership and Sustainability) Romano Pisciotti
Romano Pisciotti

It is without a doubt that every country has its uniqueness; specific environment, divergent economies, and different market penetration techniques, Rome Business School Nigeria was established to meet the Nigerian needs while taking into consideration global standards. This means that while Rome Business School Nigeria takes into consideration some factors which are undoubtedly peculiar and pertinent to the Nigerian business context, courses deliverable would not be stripped off of these peculiarities with its corresponding globally accepted standards.

Romano Pisciotti MBA (Leadership and Sustainability) Romano Pisciotti
Romano Pisciotti

Rome Business School Nigeria



On Saturday the 27th of April 2019 through to Sunday 28th April 2019, delegates from the BIG DUTCHMAN AGRICULTURE NIGERIA COMPANY LTD, guided by the MD/CEO, Mr. Ogundiran Thomas, were hosted in the Rome Business School’s campus in Nigeria for a Specialized Training on “The Art of Selling”. Big Dutchman is the recognised market leader in the entire Agricultural industry. Across five continents and in more than 100 countries, the company name stands for long-lasting quality, rapid service and unsurpassed know-how.

The Art of Selling course is designed for the medium and senior sellers. The course is based on two blocks of four hours each. Each block is divided into about three hours of lessons and one hour for the debate and the development of some cases. The training sessions dealt with topics such as: Creating value for your customers and for your company, How to earn customer trust, Needs detection of the customer and his final market, Understanding marketing programs, Understanding the budget and contributing to the definition, Invest the right amount of resources in terms of visits and promotions, Direct marketing, Understanding the competitors, Defending against the dangers of social attitudes (animal rights), Promotion & Strategy, Awareness of one’s professionalism, etc.

The training was contextualized from an international perspective.

As always, the Rome Business School had the great opportunity of having the lectures held by one of the best experts in the field, in person of

Capt. Romano Pisciotti, who after an important experience as a naval officer, Romano worked on behalf of important international companies (Pirelli, for example) in Italy (his country of origin), Argentina, Brazil, Egypt and Nigeria with full responsibility, in a managerial position.

Join us in our journey as we work together to producing Better Managers for a Better World!

Romano Pisciotti

Rome logo THE ART OF SELLING Romano Pisciotti
Rome Business School



… its management must continually evolve in the ever-changing society.

We, at Rome Business School, believe that Marketing is the identification and fulfillment of human and social needs:

“the satisfactory satisfaction of needs”

Business in Africa 298x300 MARKETING IN THE CONTINENT OF THE FUTURE Romano Pisciotti

In marketing we operate on ten main types of entities: goods, services, events, experiences, people, places, properties, organizations, information and …..IDEAS!!!!






Romano Pisciotti photo 191x300 MARKETING IN THE CONTINENT OF THE FUTURE Romano Pisciotti
Romano Pisciotti

Romano Pisciotti 1024x769 MARKETING IN THE CONTINENT OF THE FUTURE Romano Pisciotti

Emotional Intelligence

 Rome Nig Emotional Intelligence Romano PisciottiRome logo Emotional Intelligence Romano Pisciotti

Galimberti: “Teachers Should Be Assumed Based on Emotional Intelligence, Without It Can not Be Teached”

There are five key abilities of emotional intelligence: recognition, comprehension, emotional vocabulary, expression and strategies for managing one’s emotions.
If a person is not empathetic and engaging, he can not be a professor. It is something that can not be learned “.

(Umberto Galimberti -Monza, 2 May 1942- is a philosopher, sociologist, psychoanalyst, Italian academic and journalist)

Galimberti 300x169 Emotional Intelligence Romano Pisciotti
Galimberti: “I Docenti Dovrebbero Essere Assunti in Base all’Intelligenza Emotiva, Senza di Essa Non si Può Insegnare”
Cinque sono le abilità chiave dell’intelligenza emotiva : il riconoscimento, la comprensione, il vocabolario emozionale, l’espressione e le strategie di gestione delle proprie emozioni.
Se una persona non è empatica e coinvolgente non può fare il professore. È qualcosa che non si può imparare”.
(Umberto Galimberti .Monza, 2 maggio 1942- è un filosofo, sociologo, psicoanalista, accademico italiano e giornalista)
 theacher Emotional Intelligence Romano Pisciotti Rome io Emotional Intelligence Romano Pisciotti

Romano Pisciotti: Rome Business School

If the true entrepreneur is missing, new ideas are lacking. If new ideas are lacking, more and more opportunities will always be lacking. Great ideas are the lifeblood of great opportunities.

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