Forklift Enabled Industrial Vacuum

The B200M has a great solids capacity, which simplifies the suction of a wide range of materials while salvaging possible liquids.
Thanks to the linchpin, the vacuuming separator can be flipped over 45°-90° to discharge the vacuumed material directly where necessary.
The vacuuming separator can be transported by a forklift truck.
The discharge of the vacuumed material is considerably simplified, which allows easier handling of the vacuum. That’s why we recommend the B200M for reduced spaces.

Main Features

  • Ideal for collection of large quantities of material
  • 3 Single-phase By-pass motors
  • Complete, quick and safe discharge
  • Portable with Forklift truck


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Here our industrial vacuum cleaner and our pneumatic conveyor solutions while working together for food industry (gelatin powders).

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