“Gift of God”


Our name is “Gift of God” gift of God that men are free to pray according to their beliefs and traditions. We are children of our fertile land, sons of the great river and the fresh salty breeze blowing on the lagoon, we are the daughters of the green hills and the silent desert: we are all sons and daughters of Greater Nigeria.
We were born of love and we came to the world with the strength of the waves and the courage of free lions in the forest.
Our desire and our right is to live and grow in peace, our youth and our ambitions are in the hands of our fathers, hands that we do not want stained with blood. Our future is the future of this country, as much as our past was the womb of our mothers and the pride of this nation.
If we want a great free Africa we can not allow the men of this wonderful land to kill themselves by tribal rivalries, religious differences or absurd claims … we will not allow it!
We ask the women and men of this country to live in peace, for their joy and our future and the future of our children and their children … until the great river flows.
Romano Pisciotti

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