Iveco LNG-fueled truck sets distance record

CNH Industrial said an LNG-fueled Iveco truck completed what is believed to be the longest ever journey by road on a single fill.

Setting off from London, the vehicle was pulling a tri-axle box van trailer and running at a gross vehicle weight of 30 tonnes. After a short ferry crossing from Dover to Calais it completed the 1,728-km road journey without needing to refuel.

This exceeded the vehicle’s official range of 1,600 kilometers to set a new distance record, CNH Industrial said, adding that this equates to an LNG fuel cost saving of 40 percent compared to Diesel.

Iveco was using the journey to demonstrate that natural gas, including CNG, LNG and biomethane, are all alternatives to diesel, available from a growing network of fuel providers in the UK and across the continent.

Compared with an equivalent Euro VI diesel, a Stralis NP running on LNG emits around 90 percent less NO2 emissions, 99 percent less particulate matter, and up to 15 percent less CO2 – rising to 95 percent less CO2 when using biomethane, CNH Industrial noted.

Currently, more than 25,000 Iveco gas-powered vehicles have been delivered into service (2019)

INFO NIGERIA: Romano Pisciotti, MPI