On fire…
No one had tears for the social rights burnt in globalization, nobody murmurs a prayer for human values ​​trampled and mocked; no one has anger for the Europe of fanciful finance, for false progress and the cancer of poverty that has returned to bite even in Europe. Perhaps a church can be rebuilt, the dignity not, in a Europe that suffocates Justice in the name of an inconsistent and non-existent “unity”.
Thus I find no tears for art if it is no longer the pride of the people; I find no tears for the sacred lands turned into a fair by merchants ready to sell the soul to ignorant buyers of the ephemeral.
The churches burn … while the future and the hopes of the people go up in smoke.
We have already betrayed history, lost wisdom and culture.
A fire is not the sign of God or the revenge of anyone … it is only the image of the fragility of beautiful things and a warning to take care of our future ….. maybe we are still in time!

Romano Pisciotti

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