The rejection of the real world

More and more teenagers living in a room, and they have no contact with the outside world, with the exception of the network.

Age is the critical age, adolescence. Which very often walks side by side with the rejection of conventions, hatred for the adult world, the rejection of growth. Facing the border between the age of responsibility and childhood, there are no longer just a few boys who refuse to move even one step. And not being able to go back – it’s life, it works like this – they choose a small private universe, a bedroom, four walls. That is the only world they are willing to accept.

It is a fact: the Internet is a wonderful place to go. A magical place, where everyone can create a life in life. An existence like those that we cannot have, molded on our dreams, on our realities. Hence the isolation is born. They are not crippling diseases, allergies, physical impediments to closing hikikomori teenagers in their rooms. They are the house arrest of a life that does not include them. That does not include these guys, so much that they push them to give up everything. A hug, a breath of air, a landscape.

Presented by Romano Pisciotti

Romano Pisciotti

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