Europe’s antitrust warned Apple

Europe’s antitrust chief, Margrethe Vestager, warned Apple that its recent changes to privacy rules must not give preferential treatment to its apps over those of its competitors or it might be in violation of antitrust norms. Apple has framed those changes as being designed to protect users’ personal data, but that does not exempt its actions from competition rules.

This warning came in reaction to recent changes to the Cupertino-based group’s privacy policy, which led other platforms in the digital advertising market to accuse it of unduly distorting competition.

Specifically, the changes to Apple’s privacy policy will make blocking ad tracker software targeting users’ personal data the default setting on all apps sold for use on Apple devices (meaning through the Apple Store). Apple users can choose to allow ad tracking of their data, but they must actively provide consent.


Presented by Romano Pisciotti

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