The Euro-African Forum

The Euro-African Forum is promoted and supported by various institutions, its founders are the Hispanic-African activist and politician Yiboula Bazier Emmanuel and the entrepreneur and consultant Josu Gómez Barrutia, counting on collaboration since its first edition of the Financial Area ,

The International Magallanes Institute, House of Africa, Finnova Foundation of the EU, European Diplomatic World Institute, Rome Business School based in Rome and Nigeria among other entities.

Rome logo The Euro African Forum Romano Pisciotti

The main objective of the forum is to create a space of connection between the political, economic and social leaders of Africa and Europe.

Antonio Ragusa 200x300 The Euro African Forum Romano Pisciotti
Antonio Ragusa

Presented by Romano Pisciotti

Romano Pisciotti 300x200 The Euro African Forum Romano Pisciotti
Romano Pisciotti

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