Granita Siciliana


Granita al caff%C3%A8 300x150 Granita Siciliana
Granita al caffè

For many considered the “mother” of all the other slushes that have spread to northern Italy, Sicily is certainly different and unique. Its mixture of water, sugar and fruit is frozen slowly and never completely, mixing everything continuously, so as to form a kind of dense and creamy pappetta that represents the peculiar characteristic of Sicilian granita. It is prepared with lemon, but also with almonds, strawberry, pistachio or coffee. And there are those who eat it even with bread or a nice brioche…

Brioche with 22tuppo22 Granita Siciliana
Brioche with tuppo
the classic brioche with the "TUPPO" - The meaning of the word "tuppo" is to be found in the Sicilian dialect, where it is used to indicate the "chignon", the hairstyle often used by Sicilian women. -

…especially at breakfast or as a snack. But never at the end of a meal. At least according to the true Sicilian tradition. 



Sicily – Italy

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