Impact of Colors in Marketing

The perception we have of colors and the sensations they arouse in us are mostly dependent on our individual experiences. Therefore it would not be correct to say that each color corresponds to a specific universal sensation.


Another factor to take into consideration is the context: for example, if we use brown for a detergent, we will certainly not stimulate a feeling of cleanliness, on the contrary if we use it for a chocolate brand we will leverage the structure and strength of the product.

You can then see how the same color can be “right” or “wrong” depending on the context, stimulating different sensations in each situation.

In the “Impact of Colors in Marketing” study, researchers found that about 90% of the opinion we develop about a product the first time we see it is based only on color.

However, it is important that the color reflects the sensations that people associate with that context and that brand, otherwise we will have an effect of incoherence that generates aversion.

Therefore, using a color that enhances the qualities of the brand is essential to define the brand identity, always keeping in mind the context and the market in which we find ourselves.

White: in the household items sector it indicates purity and cleanliness but also simple tastes. Those who prefer this color that is not actually a color is a person who takes care of their clothing as well as the house, is a meticulous but also prudent person;
Black: contrary to white it is synonymous with a refined and elegant taste, but also powerful and deep. It remains one of the favorite colors of the female audience;
Gray: symbolizes safety and reliability, it is considered the color of maturity. In marketing it is considered the color of those who are practical and who do not like flights of fancy;
Yellow: energy, joy and warmth, the visual impact is immediately effective. Those who love him are imaginative and creative at the same time, look at life with optimism;
Red: color that communicates energy and strength at first impact, it is also a symbol of action as well as passion. Who loves red is a person who loves life, optimistic but also impatient and always eager for something new;
Pink: the strength of red, the purity of white. Indicates delicacy, sweetness and femininity in intuitive and calm people, with great sensitivity;
Orange: a mix between action and reflection, it indicates extroverted and meditative people;
Green: mixes the serenity of blue and the happiness of yellow, it indicates hope but also the desire to broaden horizons;
Blue: is the color of security, of deep spaces and is considered a calming color. It is considered the color of emotional stability.