The Gulf Stream is one of the main circulation systems on our planet.

In fact, it transports huge masses of warm water from the tropics to the cold northern seas across the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, likewise, it carries cold water from the north to the tropics in the deep ocean.

The Gulf Stream is altered by many factors, including melting of the ice that lower the salinity of the sea water.

We know that studies say that it has been slowing down for 1600 years, but in the last century it has significantly accelerated its run towards a stalemate.
If this is indeed happening, prepare for the next few years even decades with something we’ve never seen before.

Africa could become a land of rains and the areas that usually benefit from a rainy climate, face periods of severe drought.

The temperate Mediterranean climate, without major changes in temperature, with the slowing of the Gulf Stream could be compromised to such an extent that Europe in general could face an extreme climate in the coming years / decades.

Presented by Romano Pisciotti