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Non solo le grandi aziende oggi puntano alla sostenibilità come focus di pianificazione di asset e strategie d’investimento, tanto da poter riclassificare il bilancio.

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La sostenibilità oggi rappresenta un elemento chiave per le aziende e racchiude molteplici vantaggi:

Incremento del valore della marca e sviluppo di vantaggi competitivi

Accedere a nuovi mercati o nicchie di mercato legate alla sostenibilità

Accedere a nuove forme di capitali e modelli di business

Minimizzazione dei rischi

Aumento della produttività e riduzione dei costi

Attrazione e mantenimento delle risorse umane



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Romano Pisciotti:

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After an important experience as a naval officer, Romano worked on behalf of important international companies (Pirelli, for example) in Italy (his country of origin), Argentina, Brazil, Egypt and Nigeria with full responsibility, in a managerial position.

He actively participated in the start up of new operating units in Italy and abroad;

has been fully involved in the restructuring of companies and the increase in commercial activities. In his various experiences, Romano has led multi-ethnic work teams even in stressful environments.

He lived for over five years in Nigeria, where he had relevant experience as general manager of large industrial groups and in logistics; the current activities still tie him to Africa, in Lagos, as responsible for the development of new strategies in Nigeria for the IVECO, heavy vehicles company.

Romano has never neglected professional updating by continuously following courses at qualified universities.




Ferrari Daytona SP3

The Ferrari Daytona SP3 sports a naturally-aspirated V12, mid-rear-mounted in typical racing car style. Undisputedly the most iconic of all Maranello’s engines, this power unit delivers 840 horsepower – making it the most powerful engine ever built by Ferrari – along with 697 Nm of torque and maximum revs of 9500 rpm. The chassis is built entirely from composite materials using Formula 1 technologies that have not been seen in a road car since the la Ferrari, Maranello’s last supercar. The seat is an integral part of the chassis to reduce weight and guarantee the driver a driving position similar to that of a competition car.

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It seems Alfa Romeo is one of those brands that refuse to step away from traditions and move on with the times. Over the last decade or so, the Italian company has come up with some great models, but their business strategy hasn’t been what you would call sustainable. However, this may be about to change, as the Italian car company recently stated that we will be getting a new model every year until 2026, and from 2027 onwards, all models of the brand will be electrified.

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War Risk Insurance: Again, Nigeria makes case for removal of punitive shipping fees
Nigeria has continued to press for the lifting of the War Risk Insurance (WRI) imposed on vessels delivering goods and merchandise to Nigeria due to fears of insecurity.



Nuovo Btp Futura fa cilecca: raccolti solo 3,27 miliardi, mai così male…

Si conclude senza sussulti la quarta emissoone del BTP Futura, titolo di Stato dedicato esclusivamente ai risparmiatori retail ed i cui proventi finanziano gli interventi adottati nel corso dell’anno per la ripresa economica dell’Italia. Il BTP Futura atto IV segna il minimo di sempre, ben sotto i livelli delle precedenti emissioni.

La cinque giorni di collocamento del BTP Futura si è chiusa con 91.273 contratti conclusi a fronte di un importo emesso pari a 3.268,240 milioni di euro, che coincide con il controvalore complessivo dei contratti di acquisto validamente conclusi alla pari sul MOT (il Mercato Telematico delle Obbligazioni e Titoli di Stato di Borsa Italiana) attraverso le due banche dealer Intesa Sanpaolo e Unicredit (co-dealer Banca Akros e Banca Sella).

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The Gulf Stream is one of the main circulation systems on our planet.

In fact, it transports huge masses of warm water from the tropics to the cold northern seas across the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, likewise, it carries cold water from the north to the tropics in the deep ocean.

uno GULF STREAM Romano Pisciotti

The Gulf Stream is altered by many factors, including melting of the ice that lower the salinity of the sea water.

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We know that studies say that it has been slowing down for 1600 years, but in the last century it has significantly accelerated its run towards a stalemate.
If this is indeed happening, prepare for the next few years even decades with something we’ve never seen before.

Africa could become a land of rains and the areas that usually benefit from a rainy climate, face periods of severe drought.

The temperate Mediterranean climate, without major changes in temperature, with the slowing of the Gulf Stream could be compromised to such an extent that Europe in general could face an extreme climate in the coming years / decades.

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Oltre mille soldati dell’esercito afghano sono fuggiti nel vicino Tagikistan per mettersi in salvo dopo uno scontro armato con i talebani nel nord. Il Comitato per la sicurezza nazionale di Dushanbe ha fatto sapere che “1.037” soldati delle forze armate governative afghane hanno varcato il confine “per salvare le loro vite” dopo combattimenti notturni con i talebani, che hanno intensificato la loro offensiva nel nord e nel resto dell’Afghanistan contestualmente al ritiro delle truppe americane e straniere dopo 20 anni di guerra.

Decine di membri delle forze speciali afghane che avevano dichiarato la resa sono stati giustiziati a sangue freddo dai talebani al grido di ‘Allahu Akhbar’. E’ quanto mostrano alcuni video ottenuti dalla Cnn in merito ad un sanguinoso episodio di omicidi sommari che sono avvenuti il ;;16 giugno nella città di Dawlat Abad, vicino al confine con il Turkmenistan.

In un video risuonano le parole “arrendetevi”, e diversi uomini emergono da un edificio, disarmati. I talebani però sparano lo stesso e almeno una dozzina di uomini rimane uccisa. La Croce Rossa ha poi confermato che sono stati recuperati i corpi di 22 soldati. (ANSA).

Da Notizie ANSA

Romano Pisciotti: Dopo vent’anni di “democrazia” americana!

IVECO IN AFRICA, yesterday and today


Today’s freight transport is, of course, more comfortable, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than in the past. However, historic trucks – those with which some drivers have experienced the pleasure of driving a heavy goods vehicle – still exert an undeniable fascination for many today.

After the war the nation was completely to be rebuilt. New means were needed, able to respond to the needs of the moment, but above all to the challenges of the future.

FIAT 639 IVECO IN AFRICA, yesterday and today Romano Pisciotti

Initially, Fiat responded with the average vehicles Fiat 639 and Fiat 640 and the heavy Fiat 670 and Fiat 680.

4x4 IVECO IN AFRICA, yesterday and today Romano Pisciotti

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The last evolution of the 682 came in 1967, with the Fiat 682 N4, which improves the transmission to better withstand the power. However, its production will continue for a long time, not only in Italy but also in Africa. Also for this reason, it took the name of “king of Africa”.

IVECO IN NIGERIA IVECO IN AFRICA, yesterday and today Romano Pisciotti

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As testimony to its off-road prowess, the Trakker was also used in the Dakar Rally.

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volante IVECO IN AFRICA, yesterday and today Romano Pisciottivolante t IVECO IN AFRICA, yesterday and today Romano Pisciotti


While the IVECO T-WAY builds on the heritage of robustness and reliability of the brand’s long lineage of champion multi-axle construction trucks, it introduces innovative and technological solutions to exceed all expectations in productivity, payload capacity, safety and driver comfort.

tway6 IVECO IN AFRICA, yesterday and today Romano Pisciotti

These characteristics of extreme toughness, high performance and reliability are clearly expressed by the theme of the advertising launch campaign:


tway3 IVECO IN AFRICA, yesterday and today Romano Pisciotti

The IVECO T-WAY delivers all the power needed for traction and PTO with IVECO’s reliable and efficient Cursor 13 engine (13 litres) that develops up to 510 hp – exceeding the outgoing Trakker’s performance by 10 hp. For lighter-weight configurations, it is also available with the Cursor 9 engine.

tway4 IVECO IN AFRICA, yesterday and today Romano Pisciotti

The engines are coupled with the proven 12- and 16-speed HI-TRONIX automated gearbox, which now also features new functions specifically intended for on and off-road mobility.

tway IVECO IN AFRICA, yesterday and today Romano Pisciotti

They include a Hill Holder function to help departure on steep slopes, Rocking Mode to help recover traction in slippery conditions, and Creep Mode for ultra-low speed when idling. For the on-road sections of the mission, the IVECO HI-CRUISE system further enhances the transmission’s efficiency. It includes predictive gear shifting, predictive cruise control and an eco-roll function that uses the vehicle’s inertia when travelling downhill. With these new algorithms, HI-TRONIX delivers the perfect gearshift strategy for every application.

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Motor Parts Industry: IVECO – ASTRA in Nigeria

231 Moshood Abiola Way, Ijora (Old Apapa road)

Lagos – Nigeria

MPI IVECO IN AFRICA, yesterday and today Romano Pisciotti


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John Elkann,Giovanni Antolini, Romano Pisciotti
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Motor Parts Industry

Analisi geopolitica: Strategia e tattica italiane

L’approfondimento di Dario Fabbri: L’analisi geopolitica dei punti di forza e di debolezza.

I rapporti con gli Stati Uniti e il margine di manovra che può avere l’Italia. Il controllo delle aree confinanti. La sponda sud. L’uso della forza o la minaccia dell’uso della forza.

Presentato da Romano Pisciotti

Schermata 2020 04 10 alle 11.04.27 Analisi geopolitica: Strategia e tattica italiane Romano Pisciotti
Romano Pisciotti

IVECO: The new MUV

Iveco Defence Vehicles has extensive experience observing and predicting current and future trends in its field, developing military vehicles to meet global operational requirements.

MUV IVECO: The new MUV Romano Pisciotti

In recent years, the company has identified the need for a light vehicle specifically designed to undertake a variety of roles from providing U.N. and NATO humanitarian aid, homeland security missions, logistic support and training, to satisfying the military requirements of non-NATO forces.

Schermata 2021 02 01 alle 16.49.53 IVECO: The new MUV Romano Pisciotti

In response, the company has developed a new generation of unprotected and lightly protected vehicles. The new MUV is the result of the Company’s vast experience in the sector of light vehicles, highlighted by the extraordinary commercial success of its predecessor, the M40E15-WM, which has sold more than 18,000 units worldwide over the last 30 years.

Schermata 2021 02 01 alle 16.50.48 IVECO: The new MUV Romano Pisciotti

The MUV is also available for civilian use as it fully complies with the required safety and environmental regulations through features such as ergonomic seats, good soundproofing, seatbelts, airbag system and Euro VI diesel engines. The vehicle can be used as a rescue vehicle, a medical asset, for snow clearance, as a light recovery vehicle or by the emergency unit command post.

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Schermata 2021 02 01 alle 17.08.43 IVECO: The new MUV Romano Pisciotti

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MPI – Motor Parts Industry

IVECO Nigeria