The pro-Europeans and globalist fanatics had “opened their mouths” and laughed at the post-BREXIT British situation regarding product shortages … the truth, and the problems for all, is emerging!

The globalization highway is so clogged that the delays, inefficiencies and anomalies that are accumulating are such as to make each transport, each production increasingly complicated.

After gas and microchips, everything is starting to run out across Europe and even globally.

The product furthest from the place of consumption has undergone the greatest increase, in addition to the increase in the price of raw materials.

Disruptions in the supply chain have become one of the main challenges for the global economy since the beginning of the pandemic, but it is not only the pandemic effect that creates this situation. The economic crisis of some Chinese companies (serious discontent of the dragon) , the shortage of manpower or skilled personnel in some activities in Western countries, the strong demand for marketable goods, the forced interruptions of some logistic networks (Suez navigability interruption) and capacity limits have led to sharp increases in transport costs and delivery time.

The need for an ecological transition coinciding with a rapid technological transition is occupying politics, stressing the industry, cheering up finance and dazzling consumers…obviously the latter will pay the bill, I don’t know with what climate benefits and simplified living.

In the worst case, Europe could face energy blackouts, while at the moment there is already a shortage of wheat for the production of basic foods such as pasta.


(Romano Pisciotti sifting through the web)