The creation of the Italian Transcontinental Airline, LATI, between Italy and Brazil for the transport of goods and people was the work of the son of the Duce, Bruno.
On October 28, 1934 (the day of the twelfth anniversary of the March on Rome), the Mediterranean Air Company SAM) became “Ala Littoria S.A.”, a name that Mussolini himself was pleased to suggest.
The new company went on to summarize almost all of the Italian air services. At the same time it was also decided to move the offices of the General Management, from via Regina Elena to the Littorio airport, where the new headquarters had been built.

After the Second World War, LAI S.p.A. (Airlines
Italiane) was founded in 1946 to restart regular scheduled services in Italy after the end of the war.
On 5 May 1947 Alitalia-Aereolinee Italiane Internazionali made the first national flight Turin – Rome – Catania with a Fiat G-12 E. … Alitalia L.A.I. was born. Alitalia merges with LAI and becomes Alitalia – Italian Airlines with 3,000 employees and a fleet of 37 aircraft

By Romano Pisciotti