Marazzato collection

The Marazzato Autoveicoli Storici Collection was born from the deep passion of Carlo Marazzato for the vehicles that have made the history of transport in Italy. The collection now numbers more than one hundred vehicles, mostly vintage trucks and buses, but also historic cars and motorbikes of rare beauty.

This passion is now turning to the creation of a one-of-a-kind tourist attraction pole.

Among the rarest ones is the Isotta Fraschini D 65, built in the 1940s and completely restored in the Marazzato Group workshop.

Among others, the Fiat 642 N 65 R, built in 1961, which was one of the first vehicles used for the purging and cleaning of septic tanks. Also worth mentioning is the OM Tigrotto 55 N from 1970, set up with a fire engine dating back to the 1970s. In the collection, “distributed” in several places but with a core of 70 vehicles renovated and kept in the internal offices, there is a good part of the history of trucks, both Italian and foreign.


Presented by ITALMOTOR, Romano Pisciotti