The right to continue to be omnivorous

In recent years of economic crisis, characterized by youth unemployment rates
important, many young people are moving towards sectors that should be affected by
crisis less than others. Since man’s primary need is food, activities
human beings related to food production are
necessarily those that can provide the
greater employment opportunities.
To get the most out of any activity, the first fundamental requirement is to possess the scientific-technical knowledge of
disciplines that underlie that activity. It seems a more than obvious observation, that
many young people seem to have a clear understanding of
choice of their field of study, but what for
many others, starting with our politicians, seem unfortunately to have no basis.
Among the many and varied disciplines that are
at the base of agricultural production activities, the
animal husbandry occupies a prominent place, too
if blamed by animal rights activists, vegetarians or
they are vegan. Without prejudice to the right to
continue to be omnivorous, as the evolution of the species has formed us, is appropriate
emphasize the nutritional superiority of
foods of animal origin than those
of vegetable origin. Animal proteins have a much better biological value than vegetable proteins; minerals from animal foods are more
available and similar to those made
from plant foods; some fatty acids of
recognized health value, such as w-3
or trans 11, are found predominantly in the
ruminant milk and fish.

By Mauro Antongiovanni

Translation by Romano Pisciotti