Over Fifty



“I would not hire people over 50” wrote someone in a comment. He said: “they don’t work hard enough, they take lots of sick days, they don’t know modern technology, they are stubborn and set in their ways. They should start their own business, and let young people get jobs.”

Amazingly it was written 3 days ago, not a century ago. That comment received 40 likes.

I was ask to respond to the comment.

Please let me know on how many points you agree.

1. Statistics show that the number of sick days taken does not depend on age. Google it.

2. The society that discards most experienced and knowledgeable workers is doomed. Knowledge and experience are terrible things to waste.

3. It is illegal in most countries to discriminate based on age. Unfortunately it is legal where this commentator is from. Aside from illegality judging people on age is just as bad as on their origin, ethnicity, gender, etc. It is immoral.

4. The ultimate answer is to have a combination of all the age groups, each of them complement each other.

5. Older workers tend to change jobs less often. They are loyal to those who hire them.

6. People who discriminate against age should not be let near the hiring process.


Romano Pisciotti: I am an “over fifty”, in fact, I am 65 years old … ready to challenge any young manager rampant

Romano Pisciotti