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A critical question is whether Africa’s surge represents a one-time event or an economic take-off. The continent’s growth also picked up during the oil boom, but slowed sharply when oil and other commodity prices collapsed during the last years.

Today, individual African economies could suffer many disappointments and setbacks. While short-term risks remain, Africa has strong long-term growth prospects, propelled both by external trends in the global economy and internal changes in the continent’s societies and economies.

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Open space: offices layout



But what a fable of open space. According to two scholars of the Harvard Business School and Harvard University, Ethan Bernstein and Stephen Turban, the wallless offices would encourage people to talk less and to write more emails and messages. “When the individual fails to focus on you, he tends to communicate less (orally) and to make mistakes more,” they explain, resumed by Leonard Berberi in the Corriere della Sera. Internal layout of the offices therefore to be reviewed?

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Ma quale favola dell’open space. Secondo due studiosi dell’Harvard Business School e dell’Harvard University, Ethan Bernstein e Stephen Turban, gli uffici senza pareti spingerebbero le persone a parlarsi di meno e a scriversi più email e messaggi. «Quando l’individuo non riesce a focalizzarti, tende a comunicare meno (oralmente) e a sbagliare di più», spiegano ripresi da Leonard Berberi sul Corriere della Sera. Disposizione interna degli uffici dunque da rivedere?

Population growth and low GDP growth

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Perhaps unexpected was the collapse of the barrel price, certainly dramatic! … For developing countries with the oil-driven economy has been a drag on their growth. Nigeria, already struggling with a population growth faster than any possible economic growth, has suffered particularly the tremendous loss of export value. Fortunately, the Nigerian domestic market has held up, unfortunately with serious sacrifices for the population.
Population growth and low GDP growth have widened the poverty strata: this has recently been certified by international analysis, from which we learn that Nigeria has beaten India as the country with the largest number of poor people.
Population means “future” … little growth means “future in poverty.”
Nigerian industry and agriculture failed to offset the value lost by oil, however not everything went wrong or the positive trends of some economic indicators would not be justified.
We can not forget that the oil crisis was only part of the global crisis that hit the planet: globalization crisis !!
There is also good news for Nigeria: oil is steadily around seventy dollars and Trump, with its policy against Iran and other “hostile” countries, could push the barrel to one hundred dollars. The American policy has taken by surprise the oil companies that, having reduced investments in recent years, can not cope with the market demand. Hardly Russia and Saudi Arabia still calm the price by pumping more.
Yes, there is room for Greater Nigeria.
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Riva degli anni

I smoke a cigarette on the shore of the years … in the cloud of nicotine the efforts and disappointments are dispersed. Happiness and success are in the tranquility that surrounds me … serenity and joy fill my heart.
(… who knows I smoked ?!)

Mi fumo una sigaretta sulla riva degli anni…nella nube di nicotina si disperdono le fatiche e le delusioni. Felicità e successo sono nella tranquillità che mi avvolge…serenità e gioia mi riempiono il cuore.
(…chissà che mi sono fumato?!)

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La Vendetta

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Uno studio pubblicato sulla rivista Science nel 2004 è stato il primo a dimostrare che l’impulso alla vendetta risiede nel cervello. I ricercatori dell’università di Zurigo hanno chiesto ai soggetti presi in esame di prendere parte a un gioco “finanziario” in laboratorio e nel frattempo monitoravano le reazioni del cervello attraverso la tomografia a emissione di positroni (PET). Se i partecipanti cooperavano e mettevano insieme le loro risorse ognuno di loro riceveva del denaro. I partecipanti però non sapevano che il gioco era truccato. In molte manche si vinceva ma in certi casi un partecipante, d’accordo con i ricercatori, tradiva la fiducia del partner a cui era abbinato, arricchendosi alle spese del gruppo. Prevedibilmente la cosa ha fatto infuriare gli altri, che si sono sentiti traditi e presi in giro. I ricercatori ogni tanto offrivano ai partecipanti l’occasione di punire l’impostore. La tomografia dei partecipanti più ansiosi di vendicarsi evidenziava un picco di attività in un’area evolutivamente molto antica del cervello chiamata striato dorsale. La ricerca ha collegato lo striato dorsale alla vendetta e ha dimostrato che viene attivato anche dalla cocaina. Non c’è da sorprendersi se l’idea di poterci vendicare ci sembra così affascinante:
il nostro cervello è programmato per provare piacere al pensiero di mettere in atto la vendetta.

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Berlin protest against TTIP trade deal draws thousands

Thousands have protested in the German capital Berlin against a planned free-trade deal between the EU and US.
Organisers said 250,000 people took part in the rally; police put the figure at around 100,000.
Opponents of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) say it is undemocratic and threatens consumer and worker rights.
But supporters of the deal, which lowers trade barriers, say it would boost economies and create jobs.
Hundreds of buses shuttled protesters to Saturday’s demonstration in the German capital.
“We are here because we do not want to leave the future to markets, but on the contrary to save democracy,” Michael Mueller, president of the ecological organisation German Friends of Nature, told AFP.

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Singapore: Expats praised the city-state for its appealing salaries

Singapore may hold the dubious title of “most expensive city in the world,” but it remains the most popular place for expats to live and work, according to an annual survey of expats released by HSBC.

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Expats praised the city-state for its appealing salaries, career development opportunities and quality of life. And despite the eye-watering cost of living day-to-day in Singapore (including transport costs three-times that of New York), more than a quarter of its expats who responded to the 2015 Expat Explorer survey said they earned more than $200,000 per annum (compared to just 13% of expats globally).
A salary increase or chance to get ahead in a career are often the big incentives to move abroad, but an increasing number of expats are travelling to new countries for personal rather than financial reasons, the HSBC study found. Three in five of the people surveyed said they had not experienced an immediate increase in their pay, but more than half, 53%, said their quality of life had improved after moving.

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What Japan’s military shift means

The administration of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has announced a major new interpretation of the security provisions of the country’s 1947 constitution, permitting its Self Defence Forces (SDF) to participate for the first time in collective self-defence related activities.


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In future, the SDF will, in principle, be able to assist the forces of a foreign country in situations where either the survival and security of Japan or that of its citizens is at risk.
The new interpretation is highly controversial since it represents a sharp departure from the post-war political consensus, codified in Article 9 of the Japanese constitution, that explicitly limits Japan’s use of military force exclusively to the defence of its sovereign territory and its people. more on BBC NEWS

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…notizia da tenere sott’occhio….


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L’opera dello scandalo: si masturba in scena con il crocifisso

L’opera teatrale di Angelica Liddell sarà rappresentata a settembre a Vicenza. Dal palco l’artista racconterà come da bambina si masturbava con un crocifisso.

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Angelica Liddell


“Mi masturbavo col crocefisso – dice – perché il mio corpo reagiva alla bellezza di un uomo crocifisso e santo, irraggiungibile. Volevo amare il Re dei Re”.

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