PAX AMERICANA // American peace


Anyone doing business with Iran

will NOT be doing business

with the United States.

I am asking for WORLD PEACE, nothing less!


A new package of sanctions will be imposed by Washington in November: they will affect oil, banks and shipbuilding and shipbuilding sectors. In fact, for the White House, Tehran did not follow the nuclear agreements stipulated in 2015, which is why the United States withdrew from the agreement last May. Europe, on the other hand, believes that Iran is respecting its commitments.



Trump: ‘Chi fa affari con loro ha chiuso con noi’.

Un nuovo pacchetto di sanzioni verranno imposte da Washington il prossimo novembre: interesseranno petrolio, banche e settori della cantieristica e delle spedizioni navali. Per la Casa Bianca, infatti, Teheran non ha dato seguito agli accordi sul nucleare stipulati nel 2015 ragion per cui gli Stati Uniti, lo scorso maggio, si sono ritirati dall’accordo. L’Europa, invece, ritiene che l’Iran stia rispettando gli impegni


Air Force One


Air Force one…two…three


Adelchi – Chorus of the Third Act

And the hoped prize, promised to those strong men,

Would be – oh, deluded! – to overturn the destiny,
To put an end to the pain of a stranger crowd?
Go back to your superb ruins,
To the peaceable works of your scorching workshops,
To the furrows wet with servile sweat.
The strong enemy mingles with the defeated one,
The new lord remains with the old one;
Both peoples weigh on your neck.
They divide serves, divide herds,
They rest together on the bloody fields
Of a dispersed crowd which has no name.

Coro dell’atto terzo dell’Adelchi

E il premio sperato, promesso a quei forti

sarebbe, o delusi, rivolger le sorti,

d’un volgo straniero por fine al dolor?
Tornate alle vostre superbe ruine,
all’opere imbelli dell’arse officine,
ai solchi bagnati di servo sudor.

Il forte si mesce col vinto nemico;
col novo signore rimane l’antico;
l’un popolo e l’altro sul collo vi sta.
Dividono i servi, dividon gli armenti;
si posano insieme sui campi cruenti
d’un volgo disperso che nome non ha.


Romano Pisciotti: chi ha autorizzato gli USA a diventare i poliziotti del mondo?

Hiroshima – Nagasaki

On August 6, 1945, an American B-29 bomber named the Enola Gay left the island of Tinian for Hiroshima, Japan. The uranium 235 gun-type, named Little Boy, exploded at 8:16 a.m. In an instant 80,000 to 140,000 people were killed and 100,000 more were seriously injured. The blast wave shattered windows for a distance of ten miles and was felt as far away as 37 miles. Hiroshima had disappeared under a thick, churning foam of flames and smoke. The co-pilot, Captain Robert Lewis, commented, “My God, what have we done?”


Hiroshima dopo la bomba

On August 9, 1945, another American B-29 bomber, Bock’s Car, left Tinian carrying Fat Man, a plutonium implosion-type bomb. The primary target was the Kokura Arsenal, but upon reaching the target, they found that it was covered by a heavy ground haze and smoke and were unable drop the bomb. The pilot, Major Charles Sweeney, turned to the secondary target of the Mitsubishi Torpedo Plant at Nagasaki. The bomb exploded at 11:02 a.m. over the narrow Urakami Valley northwest of downtown Nagasaki. Of the 286,000 people living in Nagasaki at the time of the blast, 74,000 people were killed and another 75,000 sustained severe injuries. The damage was less extensive, since the blast was boxed in by the river valley and partly to the fact that the bomb was dropped about 2 miles off target.


Romano Pisciotti: madness

Zimbabwe ‘seeks lion Cecil’s killer’ Walter Palmer from US

Cecil lion
Cecil lion


The US dentist who killed a lion in Zimbabwe should be extradited to face charges, Zimbabwe’s Environment Minister Oppah Muchinguri has said.

There has been a huge online backlash against Mr Palmer. The dental practice he runs in Minneapolis has been closed since he was named as the hunter who shot Cecil.
On Thursday, the White House said it would review a public petition to extradite the American dentist after more than 100,000 signed it.
But spokesman Josh Earnest said it was up to the US justice department to respond to any extradition order.

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