Great President


Nigerian facts: the presidential elections have been postponed for a week … I leave to others the various speculations about this decision and, as I have not done before, I do not go into the merits of the programs or the aptitudes of the candidates. I’m sure that both candidates do not need to read my notes, so more than a message is my humble opinion and hope: I like to think that God, before creating the universe, dreamed it. Whoever will be the new President, I like to think that he has a dream to realize, obviously not as big as the universe, but green… like hope, like the buds, like the Nigerian flag….


Oh… Great President and father, slow down your path, in doing so, you will be able to see the wonderful smile of young Nigerians.


Nigeria is the heart of Africa; young people are African hope for the future.


Young people have strong hands like the experienced fishermen of the great river, like their peasant fathers, curvet over the greedy soil, but never bent in their intimate pride; young have strong legs and long footstep, like skilled hunters, and their eyes as bright as the ancient warriors.

The womb of the young is fertile, like their spirit, like the lands washed by the Niger and the Benue.

Their mind has eyes to look far, farther than the boundaries and the horizon, far beyond where their parents could look.

Their soul, rich in ancestral traditions, has learned to live in the equilibrium on the heights of urban skyscrapers and in the overflowing traffic of megalopolis: their heart beats with passion, hope and … megabyte.


Africa is hungry for knowledge and young people are even hungrier to know about the world and the things it offers. They want to be scientists or poets, doctors and aviators … or just honest workers, equally honourable and proud. Loving mothers and caring fathers…all citizens of a beloved and respected country.


All the young people on the planet have the same expectations, they need the same opportunities.


Oh… Great President, you will be their guide on the path of knowledge: thinking about their education, their health and taking charge of their rights … without forgetting their dreams. Let the dream of the Great Country be everyone’s dream.


Romano Pisciotti


I have to thank the land that hosts me, gives me work and future, welcoming me for what I am, as I am.

I have put in my job all my past experiences of work and life; I hope I have given, and continue to make, my contribution to the development of this Great Country.

It is not easy to work in a multi-ethnic environment, it is not easy to work away from home and I am grateful to the people who work with me and support me or follow me or criticize me: all of them are my big family.

Tomorrow is an important day for Nigeria: Presidential election day … I obviously do not vote, I would just to wish everyone to celebrate a peaceful day of democracy in the fulfillment of law and duty of the people. Amen

Romano Pisciotti

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Romano Pisciotti



Robert Kennedy disse nel lontano 1968, in un commovente e profondo discorso sul PIL all’Università del Kansas:

«Con troppa insistenza e troppo a lungo sembra che abbiamo rinunciato alla nostra eccellenza personale ed ai valori della nostra comunità, in favore del mero accumulo di beni terreni. […] Eppure il PIL non tiene conto della salute dei nostri ragazzi, della qualità della loro educazione e dell’allegria dei loro giochi. Non include la bellezza delle nostre poesie o la solidità dei nostri matrimoni, l’acume dei nostri dibattiti politici, l’integrità dei nostri funzionari pubblici. Non misura né il nostro ingegno, né il nostro coraggio, né la nostra saggezza, né la nostra conoscenza, né la nostra passione, né la fedeltà alla nostra patria. In poche parole, misura tutto, eccetto ciò che rende la vita degna di essere vissuta».



Romano Pisciotti: MEN & SHIPS

ItEng.version Romano Pisciotti: MEN & SHIPS Romano Pisciotti

“Ships are born, sail and die”

For a “non-sailor”, this saying might seem strange. In reality, those who have married for many years the life of the sea know that ships are not only a ferrous mass but have their identity formed in the many miles traveled furrowing the sea in symbiosis with the spirit of the crews.

A spirit that remains immortal even after their disarmament in the memories of those who have lived them.

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“Le navi nascono, navigano e muoiono”

Per un “non marinaio”, questo detto potrebbe sembrare strano. In realtà, chi ha sposato per molti anni la vita del mare sa che le navi non sono solo una massa ferrosa ma hanno una loro identità formata nelle tante miglia percorse solcando il mare in simbiosi con lo spirito degli equipaggi. Uno spirito che resta immortale anche dopo il loro disarmo nei ricordi di coloro che le hanno vissute.


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Romano Pisciotti

Prototipi FIAT

FIAT prototypes never entered production

ItEng.version Prototipi FIAT Romano Pisciotti

Romano Pisciotti: prototipi FIAT mai entrati in produzione

Experimental prototype vehicle powered by gas turbine engine, presented by Fiat in April 1954. The engine consists of a two-stage centrifugal compressor coupled to a pure two-stage turbine and a drive turbine connected to a gear reducer unit for the transmission of the motion to the wheels.

Two-seater berlinetta body of excellent aerodynamic profiling, experimented on models in the Wind Tunnel of the Polytechnic University of Turin. The practical tests were carried out on the Caselle airport runway.

Prototipo sperimentale di vettura azionata da turbomotore a gas, presentato dalla Fiat nell’aprile del 1954. Il propulsore è costituito da un compressore centrifugo a due stadi accoppiato a una turbina pure a doppio stadio e ad una turbina motrice collegata a un gruppo riduttore a ingranaggi per la trasmissione del moto alle ruote.

Carrozzeria berlinetta a due posti di ottima profilatura aerodinamica, sperimentata su modelli nella Galleria del Vento del Politecnico di Torino. Le prove pratiche furono effettuate sulla pista dell’aeroporto di Caselle.