Exceptional transports


Exceptional transports
On and off road
In tractor configuration, the new Trakker has all the features of sturdiness and set-up necessary for exceptional transport on the road and off-road.

Trasporti eccezionali

​Su strada e fuori strada

In configurazione trattore, Nuovo Trakker ha tutte le caratteristiche di robustezza e allestibilità necessarie per i trasporti eccezionali su strada e fuori strada.

Romano Pisciotti

Motor Parts Industry

cnk Exceptional transports Romano Pisciotti

Official Dealer in Nigeria

MPI Nigeria Lagos 1024x284 Exceptional transports Romano Pisciotti
MPI (Nigeria-Lagos)


According to some authoritative experts. the colors of our cars reflect the political and economic conditions of the moment. If white remains the color preferred by customers, it is not just because “white is beautiful” as they say to Apple, but also because, according to BASF’s experts, it is a symbol of purity and a search for rebirth. In this direction is also the announced revival of the red and that, along with orange, is an indication of desire for optimism, rebirth, desire to start again after a period of crisis. Blue is also on the rise.

Fashion, traditions and local cultures affect the choices of the public in a different way. And above all, they not only represent customers’ tastes, but also choices made a priori by the builders.


All black 290x300 CAR IN BLACK Romano Pisciotti
All black

The colors of the car: tell me which one you choose and I’ll tell you who you are…here’s how others label us…

Brown? Sad, surly and rude. Red? Happy and adventurous.

Black Lambo 300x292 CAR IN BLACK Romano Pisciotti
Black Lambo


Black? Charming and intelligent, but also selfish. 



Cavallino nero CAR IN BLACK Romano Pisciotti
Cavallino nero
Mercedes 190 SL 300x287 CAR IN BLACK Romano Pisciotti
Mercedes 190 SL

…the painting chosen during the purchase phase communicates something of us to the next one.

Porsche CAR IN BLACK Romano Pisciotti

Romano Pisciotti: I like in black

IVECO CAR IN BLACK Romano Pisciotti