Romano Pisciotti

Not even COVID 19 will be able to stop the long march on the road to recovery.

The lower dependence on oil … which continues, however, to constitute a great wealth … the huge investments in agriculture and animal husbandry, the interest of investors in search of unsaturated markets, the protection of local industry … in a country that has the largest domestic market in all of Africa … will lead to the recovery of economic circulation.

The need for new markets will become a priority that will favor large emerging markets, such as Nigeria.

Road transport will however continue to grow strongly.

Romano Pisciotti
Romano Pisciotti Motor Parts Industry


MPI is looking for investor partners to offer new services in the country.

Romano Pisciotti

MPI – Motor Parts Industry


WORKSHOP: 231 Moshood Abiola Way, Ijora (old APAPA Road)

P.O.Box 198 Apapa, Lagos – Nigeria.