Green Reputation

Non solo le grandi aziende oggi puntano alla sostenibilità come focus di pianificazione di asset e strategie d’investimento, tanto da poter riclassificare il bilancio.

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La sostenibilità oggi rappresenta un elemento chiave per le aziende e racchiude molteplici vantaggi:

Incremento del valore della marca e sviluppo di vantaggi competitivi

Accedere a nuovi mercati o nicchie di mercato legate alla sostenibilità

Accedere a nuove forme di capitali e modelli di business

Minimizzazione dei rischi

Aumento della produttività e riduzione dei costi

Attrazione e mantenimento delle risorse umane



Rome logo Green Reputation Romano Pisciotti

Romano Pisciotti:

Romano Pisciotti 253x300 Green Reputation Romano Pisciotti

After an important experience as a naval officer, Romano worked on behalf of important international companies (Pirelli, for example) in Italy (his country of origin), Argentina, Brazil, Egypt and Nigeria with full responsibility, in a managerial position.

He actively participated in the start up of new operating units in Italy and abroad;

has been fully involved in the restructuring of companies and the increase in commercial activities. In his various experiences, Romano has led multi-ethnic work teams even in stressful environments.

He lived for over five years in Nigeria, where he had relevant experience as general manager of large industrial groups and in logistics; the current activities still tie him to Africa, in Lagos, as responsible for the development of new strategies in Nigeria for the IVECO, heavy vehicles company.

Romano has never neglected professional updating by continuously following courses at qualified universities.




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