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Ho lavorato nel Gruppo Orlean di Gabriele Volpi: nei cinque anni trascorsi come residente in Nigeria mi sono occupato di coating, riportando alla profittabilità la ex Socotherm Nigeria, poi PCN. Ho avviato la nuova società di fleet management, WAMS.

Interessante è stata l’esperienza manageriale in free zone, quella di Onne è senza dubbio la più grande e completa al mondo ed è per tutti coloro che ci lavorano una palestra di logistica che vale più di un “master”. Ho avuto modo di gestire le società sotto l’organizzazione in joint venture. L’ esperienza in un mercato difficile e complesso come la Nigeria mi ha ulteriormente formato. Sicuramente la stretta collaborazione con Gabriele, GiVi come viene chiamato da tutti con rispettosa amicizia, è stata in sè una valida esperienza di management, di Top-management!!!


I worked in the Orlean Group of Gabriele Volpi: in the five years as a resident in Nigeria I worked on coating, returning to profitability the former Socotherm Nigeria, then PCN. I started the new company of fleet management, WAMS. Interesting was the managerial experience in free zones, Onne is undoubtedly the largest and most complete in the world and for all who work there is like a gym for logistics, better than take a “master”. I was able to manage the companies under the organization of joint venture. The experience in a difficult and complex market like Nigeria was a great experience. Certainly working closely with Gabriele, GiVi as he is called by all with respectful friendship, was in itself a valuable management experience, top-management !!!

Romano Pisciotti, manager


How To Analyze Your Audience In Google Analytics

No matter what industry you’re in or what your approach is to marketing and advertising, understanding your audience better will allow you to improve your practices and increase your customer loyalty and retention.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics



Understanding your audience ADNC NaN% is pivotal to any business. No matter what industry you’re in or what your approach is to marketing and advertising, understanding your audience better will allow you to improve your practices and increase your customer loyalty and retention.

Today, thanks to readily available technologies, it’s easier than ever to analyze your audience and get a better idea of who’s interacting with your brand and why. With the right insights, you can modify your approach, anticipate your customer needs, and create a superior user experience.

Google Analytics is one of the best tools you can use for this purpose. Once your script is installed, you’ll be able to measure a tremendous diversity of data on your web users, and using that data, you’ll be able to make meaningful change to your branding and marketing strategies.


Acquisition Insights

The Acquisition area of Google GOOGL -1.01% Analytics is one of the most important, especially if you’re marketing to your audience online in different formats. The main purpose of the Acquisition section is to provide insight on how your users are finding your site. For example, in the Acquisition Overview, you’ll be able to see a chart of how many users found your site after typing your URL directly into their browser versus those that found it through an external link, social media, or search engine results.

This information is especially useful in determining which of your marketing strategies is the most effective, but it’s also useful for determining what types of people are visiting your site and why. For example, if you find that the majority of your users are finding your site through content you’ve syndicated on social media, you could double your content writing and syndication efforts to attract an even greater number of users.



Jayson DeMers
Jayson DeMers 




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“Here she is… Here she is! Papà, Papà! The Rex, the Rex!” The central scene of Amarcord, Fellini’s Oscar-winning film, opens with this phrase. The characters have embarked on several small boats to spend the night at sea off the coast of Rimini, awaiting the passage of the almost mythical liner: through the dark night, the Rex appears, glittering with lights, and then, like some constellation or like a dream, she is gone. This celebrated Italian vessel had entered the collective imagination as a symbol of the glamorous liners of the ‘Thirties; her fame had already begun in 1929 when the announcement was made of her building. The financial crisis had brought to a standstill the construction of several liners and the news that Italy intended to build one of the largest, most modern, speediest and most luxurious ships ever planned seized the headlines across the World.