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Ho lavorato nel Gruppo Orlean di Gabriele Volpi: nei cinque anni trascorsi come residente in Nigeria mi sono occupato di coating, riportando alla profittabilità la ex Socotherm Nigeria, poi PCN. Ho avviato la nuova società di fleet management, WAMS.

Interessante è stata l’esperienza manageriale in free zone, quella di Onne è senza dubbio la più grande e completa al mondo ed è per tutti coloro che ci lavorano una palestra di logistica che vale più di un “master”. Ho avuto modo di gestire le società sotto l’organizzazione in joint venture. L’ esperienza in un mercato difficile e complesso come la Nigeria mi ha ulteriormente formato. Sicuramente la stretta collaborazione con Gabriele, GiVi come viene chiamato da tutti con rispettosa amicizia, è stata in sè una valida esperienza di management, di Top-management!!!


I worked in the Orlean Group of Gabriele Volpi: in the five years as a resident in Nigeria I worked on coating, returning to profitability the former Socotherm Nigeria, then PCN. I started the new company of fleet management, WAMS. Interesting was the managerial experience in free zones, Onne is undoubtedly the largest and most complete in the world and for all who work there is like a gym for logistics, better than take a “master”. I was able to manage the companies under the organization of joint venture. The experience in a difficult and complex market like Nigeria was a great experience. Certainly working closely with Gabriele, GiVi as he is called by all with respectful friendship, was in itself a valuable management experience, top-management !!!

Romano Pisciotti, manager


Google unveils surprise restructuring under Alphabet

Google has unveiled a surprise restructuring, creating a new parent company called Alphabet Inc.




Under the rebranding, Google will retain its best-known businesses, such as search, apps, YouTube and Android.
Some of the newer entities, such as the investment and research divisions, the “smart-home” unit Nest, and the drone arm will be run under Alphabet.
Google founder Larry Page said it would create a simpler structure for what had become a diverse group of businesses.
“This new structure will allow us to keep tremendous focus on the extraordinary opportunities we have inside of Google,” he said in the blogpost.”Our company is operating well today, but we think we can make it cleaner and more accountable,” he said. “The whole point is that Alphabet companies should have independence and develop their own brands.”
Mr Page will become chief executive of Alphabet, with senior vice president Sundar Pichai becoming CEO of Google.
Mr Page’s fellow Google co-founder Sergey Brin will become president of Alphabet, and Eric Schmidt, the current Google chairman, will be executive chairman of the holding company.
What’s in a name?
Google’s new chief financial officer, Ruth Porat, will hold the same title for both Google and Alphabet.
BGC Partners’ investment analyst Colin Gillis said the new structure should give investors greater clarity on strategy and how much Google was spending on new products.


Pisciotti Romano

Romano Pisciotti, 2015
Romano Pisciotti, 2015
...notizia da tenere sott'occhio....
…notizia da tenere sott’occhio….

Marketing Plan


Firms that are successful in marketing invariably start with a marketing plan. Large companies have plans with hundreds of pages; small companies can get by with a half-dozen sheets. Put your marketing plan in a three-ring binder. Refer to it at least quarterly, but better yet monthly. Leave a tab for putting in monthly reports on sales/manufacturing; this will allow you to track performance as you follow the plan.

The plan should cover one year. For small companies, this is often the best way to think about marketing. Things change, people leave, markets evolve, customers come and go. Later on we suggest creating a section of your plan that addresses the medium-term future–two to four years down the road. But the bulk of your plan should focus on the coming year.

You should allow yourself a couple of months to write the plan, even if it’s only a few pages long. Developing the plan is the “heavy lifting” of marketing. While executing the plan has its challenges, deciding what to do and how to do it is marketing’s greatest challenge. Most marketing plans kick off with the first of the year or with the opening of your fiscal year if it’s different………………..

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