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Sharon Chalkin Feldstein founder of Expert Management started her company when it became evident to her that people needed real knowledge from real experts. In other words, moving away from celebrity’s opinions towards the expert’s advice.

Expert Management acts as personal managers guiding their clients in achieving their goals, which may include hosting, publishing, endorsements, multilevel media, and product creation.

On a personal note, Sharon has enjoyed many years as a celebrity stylist, trend expert (creator of the infamous “Sparkle Cell Phone”), costume designer, while teaching master classes on these subjects at the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology in New York). Sharon divides her time between Los Angeles and New York City.

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From my album

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Romano….some year ago


IMG 0768 e1438246857320 225x300 From my album Romano Pisciotti …with lots of black hair!!!!!!


Cadet IMG 07701 e1438247083807 225x300 From my album Romano Pisciotti



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Naval Academy


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Frigate “Cigno”


%name From my album Romano Pisciotti
with parents


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my sister




My wife…..(vacant)…divorced !!!


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T/n Raffaello


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Marine hoses expert ( Pirelli, SAIAG, Parker)


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General Manager in Africa


IMG 0237 300x225 From my album Romano Pisciotti

IMG 1639 300x300 From my album Romano Pisciotti  IMG 1585 300x300 From my album Romano Pisciotti

…produced in 1953, aged perfectly


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Romano Pisciotti, 2015






Perfect buoyancy

%name Perfect buoyancy Romano PisciottiUnsinkable

Romano Pisciotti…..album

After an important experience as a naval officer, Romano worked on behalf of important international companies (Pirelli, for example) in Italy (his country of origin), Argentina, Brazil, Egypt and Nigeria with full responsibility, in a managerial position.

He actively participated in the start up of new operating units in Italy and abroad;

has been fully involved in the restructuring of companies and the increase in commercial activities. In his various experiences, Romano has led multi-ethnic work teams even in stressful environments.

 He lived for over five years in Nigeria, where he had relevant experience as general manager of large industrial groups and in logistics; the current activities still tie him to Africa, in Lagos, as responsible for the development of new strategies in Nigeria for the IVECO, heavy vehicles company.

Romano has never neglected professional updating by continuously following courses at qualified universities.

Greece – GREXIT

Although Greece and its international creditors came closer to preventing a Grexit , in Brussels, a secret European Commission Grexit report indicates that the possibility of Greece leaving the Eurozone was very real, and still could be, at least until a bailout deal is finalized.grexit 1.jpg.aspx  300x151 Greece   GREXIT Romano Pisciotti

“Kathimerini” newspaper cited EU officials saying that the European Commission had prepared a detailed Grexit plan that covers all the possible outcomes of such a scenario.

The lengthy document in question, which according to the report is stored in a safe close to European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker’s office in Brussels, was prepared in the last few weeks. It was written by a group of 15 European Commission officials that includes many who had some role in Greece’s previous bailout deals. The report analyzes around 200 implications of a Grexit.

Some of the issues explored in the report include the social consequences of a Grexit as well as whether this unprecedented occurrence could also lead to Greece’s exit from the European Union and the Schengen Area.

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Who Benefits Most From Cheap Oil?

China’s Insatiable Appetite For Oil

As per the EIA, China is currently the biggest consumer of crude oil after the US and its consumption rate is about one third of the world’s consumption growth rate. In 2014, its crude imports averaged at around 6.2 million barrels per day .This means that cheap oil would hugely benefit the Asian giant as it would drastically reduce its overall import bill.


With a projected growth rate of more than 7.8% in 2015, India is all set to grow more than China according to the IMF and World Bank. With a consumption of more than 3 million barrels of oil per day, India is the fourth largest global consumer of oil in the world. Since the country imports around 80% of its total crude oil requirement, cheap oil has drastically reduced India’s import bill and current account deficit from the previous years. As per India’s current finance minister, the country might even achieve a current account surplus in the fourth quarter of 2015. Moreover, India has recently de-regulated the price of diesel and petrol and brought it in line with the international rates. The deregulation of fuel has reduced its retail cost which has resulted in reduction of the overall inflation rate.

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