Carnival Orders Five Ships from Fincantieri – April 2016

On Saturday, Carnival Corporation finalized contracts with Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri to build five new cruise ships as part of a memorandum of agreement announced in 2015. The five new ships include two that will be built for Costa Asia for deployment in China, two ships for Princess Cruises and one designated for P&O Cruises Australia, with deliveries expected in 2019 and 2020.

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The new ships for both Costa Asia and P&O Cruises Australia are expected to be 135,500-ton vessels with the capacity to carry 4,200 passengers. The 143,700-ton, 3,560-passenger ships for Princess Cruises will be the brand’s fourth and fifth Royal-class vessels, featuring the successful design platform used on Royal Princess, Regal Princess and the new , Majestic Princess coming in 2017.

The five new ships across three brands will be built at Fincantieri’s shipyards in Monfalcone and Marghera, Italy.

Carnival Corporation has now taken delivery of two new ships in 2016 – AIDAprima for AIDA Cruises and Koningsdam for Holland America Line. Including the five new ships highlighted during Saturday’s signing ceremony with Fincantieri, Carnival Corporation has a total of 16 new ships scheduled to be delivered between 2016 and 2020.

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The P&O Cruises Australia ship, the brand’s first-ever newbuild construction, will be designed to capture the essence of modern Australia and will feature the largest passenger capacity of any ship in the line’s fleet, serving 4,200 passengers. The new ship will join an already growing fleet that was recently expanded with the addition of Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden in November 2015, and will see the introduction of the 2,000-passenger Pacific Explorer in 2017.

Australia is one of the fastest growing cruise markets in the world, with an average annual passenger growth rate of 20 percent over the past decade, and the enhanced fleet for P&O Cruises Australia will help meet growing cruise demand in the region.

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Carnival partenze


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April 2016

Young ‘alien Jupiter’ planet discovered

A planet 100 light-years away resembles an infant version of Jupiter, experts say.
The new world, known as 51 Eridani b, is only 20 million years old – a toddler by astronomical standards.
The alien world could yield clues to the formation of our Solar System, which has an unusual lay-out.

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Argentine F1 legend Juan Manuel Fangio exhumed

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The body of 1950s motor-racing legend, Juan Manuel Fangio, has been exhumed on the orders of a judge in Argentina.

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He ordered samples from Fangio’s body be taken to try to resolve paternity cases brought by two men in their seventies claiming to be his sons.
Fangio won the F1 world championship five times in the 1950s.
He never married and did not declare any children, but his biographers say that he had a two-decade relationship with a woman.
Her son, Oscar Espinosa, had a brief spell in Formula 3 and was known by colleagues as “Cancho” Fangio.


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U boat U boat Romano Pisciotti
U boat

U-boat is the anglicised version of the German word U-Boot [ˈuːboːt] , a shortening of Unterseeboot, literally “undersea boat”. While the German term refers to any submarine, the English one (in common with several other languages) refers specifically to military submarines operated by Germany, particularly in the Firstand Second World Wars. Although at times they were efficient fleet weapons against enemy naval warships, they were most effectively used in an economic warfare role (commerce raiding), enforcing a naval blockadeagainst enemy shipping. The primary targets of the U-boat campaigns in both wars were the merchant convoys bringing supplies from Canada, the British Empire, and the United States to the islands of the United Kingdom and (during the Second World War) to the Soviet Union and the Allied territories in the Mediterranean.


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Toyota’s first quarter profit rises 10%

Japanese carmaker Toyota has reported a 10% increase in profits for the first quarter of its fiscal year, helped by the weak yen and cost cuts.

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For the period from April to June, the company said net income rose to 646.3bn yen (£3.34bn, $5,2bn) from 587.7bn yen a year earlier.
Toyota also raised its sales forecast slightly for the full fiscal year.
Last week it emerged that Toyota was overtaken by VW as the world’s largest carmaker in the first half od the year.


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I’m with Cecil lion

Liberty ship

The Liberty ship was a class of cargo ship built in the United States during World War II. Though British in conception, the design was adapted by the U.S. for its simple, low-cost construction. Mass produced on an unprecedented scale, the now iconic Liberty ship came to symbolize U.S. wartime industrial output.

The class was developed to meet British orders for transports to replace those torpedoed by German U-boats. The vessels were purchased both for the U.S. fleet and lend-lease deliveries of war materiel to Britain and the Soviet Union. Eighteen American shipyards built 2,710 Liberty ships between 1941 and 1945, easily the largest number of ships produced to a single design.

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Their production mirrored on a much larger scale the manufacture of the Hog Islander and similar standardized ship types during World War I. The immensity of the effort, the sheer number of ships built, the vaunted role of Rosie the Riveters in their construction, and the survival of some far longer than their original five-year design life, all make them the subject of much continued interest.


Only a handful remain in 2015, two as operational museum ships.


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Volkswagen overtakes Toyota in sales

VW Volkswagen overtakes Toyota in sales Romano Pisciotti

Germany’s Volkswagen became the world’s biggest-selling vehicle maker in the first half of the year, overtaking Toyota for the first time.

VW2 Volkswagen overtakes Toyota in sales Romano PisciottiVW sold 5.04 million cars between January and June – slightly more than the 5.02 million sold by Toyota.



VW3 Volkswagen overtakes Toyota in sales Romano Pisciotti angela merkel Volkswagen overtakes Toyota in sales Romano Pisciotti


July 2015

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